Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Earth Care Soaps

I was doing some web surfing when I accidentally stumbled upon Shoppertise, a place where you can do some browsing, shopping or selling. As usual, I was more interested in the shopping part, hehehe. One of the store that caught my eyes is a local brand that specializes in natural and organic handmade beauty products Earth Care Soaps (Shoppertise). A friend once gifted me with some of their handmade soaps so now I wanted to try their body scrub. All of their items were sold as sets, so I decided on getting a Happy Polish Set since I have always love using brown sugar as my DIY body scrub.

Samantha from Earth Care Soaps confirmed the order swiftly after payment but unfortunately had to replace the Warm Embrace body scrub as the item had been discontinued, so I requested for Wake Me Up body scrub instead since I am intrigued with the name, lolz.

So I wasn't really expecting the item to arrive so fast, since it was hand made, but it did, hehehe, I received it yesterday via Pos Laju. All the items were neatly bubbled wrapped and there's even a hand written note from Samantha : )

Wake Me Up Body Scrub (150g), Vanilla Sky Lip Scrub (12g), a cute little spatula and a sample of Calendula & Aloe Vera Soap (Thank you Samantha for the sample)

Vanilla Sky Lip Scrub is made up of Vanilla & Oatmeal (Organic Brown Sugar), perfect for those who suffers from dry flaky chapped skin.
I tried using this on my lips and was left with soft supple lips with zero flakiness, the texture of the scrub wasn't too rough on my lips either. The scent somehow reminds me of something from my childhood, but I couldn't quite place it, hmm.

Wake Me Up Body Scrub is made up of Citrus & Oatmeal (Pink Himalayan Sea Salt), a refreshing, invigorating body scrub that is perfect for waking you up in the morning, lolz.
I really love the scent of this, it smells just like a delectable dessert, probably due to the fact there's sweet orange, lemon, pink grapefruit Essential oils in it.
The texture of the body scrub wasn't too rough either, which is something I truly appreciate since I have sensitive skin that can easily gets irritated.

Calendula & Aloe Vera Soap is a mild and gentle body bar that is suitable for dry eczema skin. I decided to let my younger brother tried this since he has dry skin.

All Earth Care Soaps products are handmade from natural ingredients that are safe for our skin and the environment, free from chemicals / preservatives such as SLS, parabens, phthalates, petroleum and petroleum-based derivatives, tallow and lard, and alcohol. They are also against animal testing.

What I love about using natural/organic hand made products is because all the ingredients are something that we are familiar with, and none of those synthetic ingredients that has the potential to cause any allergic reaction.

So if you're interested do have a look at their website Earth Care Soaps or their FB Page , they even provide personalized gift sets for special occasions : )

Note : Somehow all my pictures were deleted in this post. Gasp! There were a few pics that I couldn't recover, hence the incomplete description : (

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