Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sun Off A Beach

Sunblock has always been a necessity for me, as I really enjoy basking out in the sun, lolz. Ever since this unfortunate incidence where I practically suffered sunburns all over my back during a trip to a nearby island (I was too busy having fun I didn't even noticed it until I saw myself in the mirror, lolz), I've been more careful and more motivated to always apply sunblock, even if I'm just going out for a quick run at the store.

Recently I'd discovered a new homegrown sunblock brand, Sun Off A Beach . According to their FB Page, Sun off A Beach products are formulated without :
· Parabens
· Oil/Grease
· harmful Chemical Filters such as Avobenzone and Benzophenone

Sun Off A Beach offers different range of sunblocks, such as :
· Sun Off A Beach Kids
· Sun Off A Beach Anti Aging
· Sun Off A Beach Sensitive
· Sun Off A Beach Sports

Since I have sensitive skin, I choose the Sun Off A Beach Sensitive, which has a light blue (my fave, hehe) bottle.

Sun Off A Beach Sensitive (RM22.80)

This product also comes with a handy grip hook (climbing hook?)
Hmmm. Interesting....
So this is also perfect for those outdoorsy type who spends lots of time doing rock climbing.

Sun Off A Beach Sensitive sunblock is specially made with Vitamin E that gently cools, cleanses toxins and hydrates skin.

The product has the usual white colour and there is no distinctive scent upon applying.
It easily blends well and doesn't leave a white cast on the skin. Thought it may look kinda creamy and heavy in terms of texture, it's actually quite light and doesn't leave an oily slick feeling on my skin : )

So if you're into homegrown brands like me, do check out their website Sun Off A Beach, I couldn't help myself wanting to visit the nearby beach everytime I visit their website, hehehe.

This product can be purchased via online from Hishop

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