Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ollie Jewellery - Pearl Bracelet with Rocking Horse In Black

A few months back, A Shopaholics Den collaborated with Ollie Jewellery for an October giveaway. The giveaway lasted for 4 weeks and luckily enough, I was one of their chosen winner. The giveaway that I won was a beautiful Pearl Bracelet with Rocking Horse In Black.

From their official website, it is stated that Ollie Jewellery is an online sterling silver jewellery store that is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was born in 2012. The idea is to make exclusive jewellery designs affordable to everyone in Malaysia. All of their jewellery are made of .925 sterling silver. And most important of all, their jewellery are all nickel free,  a blessing for jewellery lover who have sensitive skin like me.

The prices that they offer are definitely affordable and I love the fact that they're all personally handmade.

Last friday, a small parcel arrived and I immediately knew it was from Ollie Jewellery. lolz.

Inside the neatly wrapped package is the Pearl Bracelet with Rocking Horse In Black.

 This pretty elegant looking bracelet is priced at an affordable RM30

I was amazed with the craftsmenship of this bracelet, I love how the Rocking Horse Charm lends an elegant feel on the bracelet. The pearls on the bracelet are made of 10mm black faux pearl, there is no clasp attached as this are elastic for easy slide on the wrist. The bracelet is made to be stretchable but you could always request for a different base length, just send them an e-mail at to check for availability.

Nani from Ollie Jewellery also included a card which list down some jewellery care tips. Handmade jewellery are definitely more delicate than mass-manufactured jewellery, so extra measures are needed in caring them.

This is how it looks on my wrist, I deliberately placed the Rocking Horse Charm upwards just to show how it looks like from my camera angle, but I won't be wearing it that way, as I usually let the charm dangles from the bottom of my wrist.

There's also a sweet little note from Nani  : )

Thank you so much Nani for this lovely gift and yes I really do love your handmade bracelet!

For those who love handmade jewellery as much as I do, do visit  Ollie Jewellery or Facebook (Simply Silver Jewellery) as they're having 30% off store wide this holiday season : )