Friday, January 30, 2015

Filipino Market (Handicraft Market) - Pearl Bracelets

If you're a handmade enthusiast, the handicraft market famously known as Filipino Market is the perfect place for you. Situated right in the middle of the city, it's just a few walks away from Centre Point Shopping Complex.

If you're crazy about pearls, you're going to love this place.  There's a wide range of jewelleries made from fresh water pearls and sea water pearls. Sea water pearls are usually round in shape while fresh water pearls have more variety in terms of shapes, I'd once bought a fresh water pearl bracelet here in Filipino Market which came in pastel pink oval shape, it only cost me about RM10 after bargain, super cheap right? lolz.

The best time to visit the Filipino Market is during the day, prices are usually lower as all the stalls are opened for business and it's easier to bargain. By night time, there's less stall opened and prices will definitely go a bit higher than usual, so it's a good idea to visit during the day.

Over the years, I'd bought lots of pearl jewelleries here, but these 2 are definitely my fave.

Pearl bracelets with encrusted Swarovski crystals

This pearl bracelet has a beautiful flowery shaped encrusted crystals (RM25)

while this has a delicate butterfly shaped encrusted crystals (RM15)

The quality and craftsmenship of these bracelets are really great. I've been wearing these for quite a while now yet they still look brand new and everything is still in placed, with no missing pearls and Swarovski crystals.

So if you ever visit Sabah, do check out the Filipino Market (Handicraft Market) in Kota Kinabalu, you're bound to find the perfect souvenirs for your visit :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

MrLens Malaysia

I have bad eyesight ever since I was a little kid. Pretty sure it was avoidable, but the 90s are the science fiction era, it's cool to wear glasses, lolz. Back then, I also love reading comic books/manga/novels on my bed, with dim lighting, so it's no wonder I ended up with high prescription glasses and contact lenses.

I've been wearing contact lenses for over 13 years now, but I never thought of buying them straight from online webstore. Until one day I stumbled upon MrLens FB page, apparently they're the largest online contact lenses store in Malaysia. Hmmm...I was intriqued, so I decided to browse through MrLens and found out indeed they do offer a wide range of contact lenses with a much lower price. 

So I decided to order my usual Bausch & Lomb Softlens for Astigmatism,  MrLens provides various payment method for the convenience of their customers. Overall shopping online with MrLens is quite easy and hassle free. My order was done on a Wed afternoon, delivery was to be expected between 1-3 days, but of course I didn't expect it to be shipped so soon, as I usually have to wait 5-14 days when I ordered toric lenses from my optical store.

My order arrived on Monday evening, I was surprised as they didn't send me an e-mail stating my order had been shipped out. Nevertheless I was happy to received it, hehehe. My contact lenses was placed inside a zip lock bag, along with some other items.

Bausch & Lomb Softlens For Astigmatism..
Really bad eyesight, I know, lolz.

A booklet which contains info on contact lenses

Voucher codes for friends

And a free Chupa chups lollypop, hehehe

My order cost me RM180 for 2 boxes of Bausch & Lomb Softlens with a shipping fee of RM13 for Sabah. This is definitely the cheapest I'd ever paid for a 6 month supply of toric lenses. With a much lower price and a fast delivery, I'll definitely be ordering from them again in the future.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Nando's Oceanus Pre-Opening Event

Last Tuesday, I was invited to Nando's Pre-Opening event at the newly opened Oceanus Waterfront Mall, the invitation stated I could bring along 3 friends for a complimentary dinner at Nando's, so I happily brought along my younger bro and 2 of my friends.

As everyone knows, this is the 2nd Nando's restaurant in Sabah, the 1st Nando's was opened at 1Borneo Hypermall back in 2013. 

Traffic in the evening was as usual quite hectic, by the time we got there, it's already 6.30pm, we were late thanks to it. We even have some trouble in finding the parking area in Oceanus, which is at the 3rd floor.We drove around in 1st & 2nd floor but couldn't find the parking ticket machine. Thankfully we found it at 3rd floor, lolz.

The newly opened Nando's is located at F37 & F38, First Floor, opening hour is between 10.00am-10.00pm from Mon-Sun. The restaurant was almost full by the time we got there, we were greeted enthusiastically by Nando's staff  and finally we were seated at a cozy table near the entrance after a quick check on the namelist and a handover of survey form and envelope.

We were served by a lovely girl named Santi, if I'm no mistaken, I'm really bad at remembering names,lolz. My bro decided on getting 1/4 chicken in Lemon & Herb sauce with a side dish of potato wedges & grilled veg.

Not So Brave! Indeed, lolz.

while the rest of us decided to be more adventurous and pick on the 1/4 chicken in Hot Peri-Peri sauce.

with a side order of coleslaw, chips and corn on the cob.

Nando's marinade and basting sauces are made of 100% natural ingredients and contain no added MSG, flavourant or colourants. The Peri-Peri chicken are absolutely delicious, well marinated and quite spicy, thankfully I didn't pick the extra hot, lolz.

Peri soup and garlic bread are also included in our complimentary meal. The Peri Soup is quite creamy and has the usual thick consistency of a mushroom soup, with a hint of spice.

Bottomless drinks of Coca-cola, Sprite, Fanta strawberry, Heaven and Earth Iced Lemon Tea kept us from being thirsty during meal.

Now remove all evidence... Hehehe

The bill was paid using these bank notes issued by bank of chickenland, lolz.

After receiving the balance from the chicken notes and completing the survey form, we finally decided it was time to go home, but not without a quick pic first, hah!

Nando's are definitely very generous, besides our complimentary meals, they even gave us something extra, vouchers for 1/4 chicken for our next meal. Yay! Thanks Nando's :)

Flame-grilled, Peri-Peri chicken with Afro-Portuguese inspired side dishes, Nando's offers a whole new dining experience. If you haven't tried out Nando's yet, do visit them as their Peri-Peri sauce are definitely worth trying.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Enchanteur Paris Fashionista EDT

The other day, I went to a nearby Watson store with the sole  intention of replenishing my contact lens cleaner and diluter. But of course, once I get there, I couldn't resist taking a look at all the other items that were on display. At the end, I ended up buying this, Enchanteur Paris Fashionista EDT, a blind buy, as there is no tester and I pick this up based on the notes written at the back of the box,lolz.

Enchanteur Paris FASHIONISTA makes you the life of the party and the apple of his eye. Bring out your chic and stylish side with this dazzling mix and match of Orange, Jasmine and Rose.

Fragrance Notes :
Top Notes - Bergamot, Orange
Middle Notes - Jasmine, Freesia, Rose
Base Notes - Amber, Cedar Wood, Musk 

Enchanteur Paris EDT collection comes in 3 different scent, the other 2 are Glam which is in a lavender hue box and Princess which is in a girly pink box. The 1st thing that caught my eyes are the super cute packaging, it's super girly! 

I made a quick check on the notes for each fragrance and finally decided on Fashionista, not only does it contains my fave Jasmine notes, it's also in my fave blue colour and it's the last bottle in store, so of course I have to get it, haha.

The 35 ml EDT bottle cost me RM17.90, which in my opinion is super affordable. The top lid of the cap even has a princess crown, super cute indeed!

At first spray, I was quite surprised, it smells really really good and very familiar, but I couldn't quite placed it at first. I took another quick spray and let the alcohol died down a bit before I take a whiff on my wrist, the orange notes is quite dominant at first spray, then the floral combination notes entertwined with each other and gives off a very soft, feminine scent. The drydown is a warm musky ambery scent which I really love.

Since it's an EDT spray, I didn't expect it to last for a long time. I spray it at 8am in the morning and by 10am, there's only a faint hint of it that still lingers on me. With it's small size bottle, re-applying won't be a problem as it's very travel friendly. What I really love about this scent it how all the notes complements each other, it's soft, sweet and very feminine.

After wearing it for a whole day, I finally remember what this reminds me of, Katy Perry Purr EDP, hah! A few years back, I used to own Katy Perry Purr but later gift it to my best friend as I found the coconut and musk notes a bit cloying on my skin. Thankfully, the scent suits her body chemistry better and she definitely smells like coconut heaven after spraying it, lolz.

There's definitely some similarities between these two fragrances, so if you're in need of a lighter and more affordable version of Katy Perry's Purr, or perhaps like me, you're not too fond of the musky coco-nutty drydown of Purr, then do try to get your hands on this, it smells delish and with a lovely packaging, it's perfect for display on your vanity table.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Borneo Soap - Beras Bario Body Bath

Borneo Soap is is a manufacturer of premium natural organic skin care products based in Sarawak, Land of the Hornbills, Malaysia, that specializes in creating handcrafted soaps infused with natural ingredients from the Borneo Rainforest.

Last Christmas, I'd received a lovely handmade Beras Bario body bath soap from Borneo Soap

Beras Bario body bath soap retails at RM46 on their Web E-Store

All products from Borneo Soap comes in beautiful box packaging, with iconic tattoo designs on the boxes  inspired by the elements that come from the rich flora and fauna of the Borneo Rainforest eg. Bunga Terung and Tali Nyawa. Mine comes with a Monkey tattoo design : )

A leaflet is included inside the box, which contains information on all products of Borneo Soap.

Beras Bario Body Bath is formulated with rice that is rich in minerals, this natural handmade organic soap soap bestows skin with a luminous clarity as it whitens, detoxifies and tones. It helps soothe a full range of sensitive skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and cracked heels.

One of the main reason I love using natural handmade soap is because they're more gentle on the skin, and for someone who has sensitive skin like me, itchy dry skin is always a possibility whenever I used the wrong product, so I tend to avoid harsh drying soap and shower gel. 

Borneo Soap definitely fits the bill as it's quite gentle on my skin. It lathers well and didn't dried out my skin despite it's grainy texture. Usually my skin tends to get a little dry, especially my hands which feels a little tight after shower but this is not the case with Borneo Soap. I'd tried lots of rice soap and they usually cause my skin to flake up due to dryness, but I'd noticed none of that while using this.

But alas, as good as it is, I still need to apply body serum/lotion after shower, as I have dry skin after all and skipping them will not help me to reach my goal of having soft silky skin,lolz.

In terms of whitening, I didn't get noticeably lighter, but I do noticed an even skin tone, even my arms looks almost the same shade with my legs, which is quite a feat since the weather is always hot here in Sabah.

Overall it's a good soap for those who have special needs for their skin, not only is it free from harsh detergents, synthetic preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances, greasy mineral oils and even animal fats, it also helps soothe a full range of sensitive skin conditions.

With a unique packaging, Borneo Soap makes the perfect gift  for all occasions. The company also believes in giving back to the community and nature, helping  in alleviating poverty in the rural heartlands of Borneo.They also donate 2.5% of their net profits to the Malaysian National Commission UNESCO's Conservation Fund for the Gunung Mulu National Park. All the more reasons for trying Borneo Soap : )

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Elianto Fruity Lip Balm Set

Last christmas, Elianto granted my frosty wishlist and send me over some goodies, which included this super cute Elianto Fruity Lip Balm Set.

The Elianto Fruity Lip Balm Set retails at RM49.90, which consist of Berry, Orange and Lychee flavours lip balm.

From Elianto E-store, it states that Elianto Fruity Lip Balm Set in Berry, Orange and Lychee flavours will smooth, soothe and soften your lips, leaving a gentle tint to enhance your smile. Containing moisturising Shea Butter and anti-oxidant Vitamin E, it will transform even dry, chapped lips.
Usage : Apply a small amount regularly to lips throughout the day to prevent against dryness.

Berry Lip Balm
Probably the most famous flavour for every brand of lip balm, this has a the usual fruity berry flavour, a rosy pinkish flush when applied on lips. Perfect if you're looking for a hint of colour from applying lip balm.

Orange Lip Balm
Tangy and citrusy, this is the best lip balm to wear when you're still feeling sleepy in the morning. It perks you up and keeps you energize, besides keeping your lips soft and smooth.

Lychee Lip Balm
My fave! This reminds me of my favourite drink, Lychee juice/syrup, it smells exactly like it, sweet fragrant aroma that smells so good I am tempted to lick my lips all the time, lolz.

I love the texture and consistency of these lip balm, they remind me of tube lip balm, but only better as these work really great for chapped lips. I also love how it does not feel sticky and uncomfortable on my lips, I even love these better than The Body Shop Born Lippy, which feels a little heavy and sticky on my lips.

So if you're in need of a moisturizing lip balm in a cute pot, give these a try!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Sunrise Fashion - Bohemian Bangles

Happy new year! 2015 has finally arrived, I'm starting off my new year blog post by reviewing one of my favourite things, bohemian bangles. 

Last year I'd been doing a lot of digging on the web, looking out for vintage dress, unique handmade crafts and accessories.  While doing my little 'research', I'd accidently stumbled upon an online webstore that sells a lot of super cute dresses and accessories, Sunrise Fashion. Most of their items are pre-order, which require a waiting period of 7-11 days for shipment by air and a little more longer if you choose shipment by sea, but what really amazes me are their price list, their super affordable and dare I say quite cheap, lolz.

I made a quick browse and decided to buy a few things such as hair accessories and these beautiful bohemian bangles.

Blue/Turqoise Bohemian Bangles

Purple Bohemian Bangles

Each set cost RM14 and consist of 9 bracelets, very affordable indeed, which is why I got 2 set of these in my 2 favourite colours, blue and purple.

I normally don't wear beaded bracelet, especially one with minimalist design, but these are really great if you're into wearing stack up bracelets. The simplicity, feminine colour pallete and delicate design complements the whole look and makes it quite unique.

Stacking up bangle bracelets are a fun way of updating your whole look, they lend a free-spirited bohemian vibe, giving you an individual unique look. Perfect for the gypsy in you : )