Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Elianto Fruity Lip Balm Set

Last christmas, Elianto granted my frosty wishlist and send me over some goodies, which included this super cute Elianto Fruity Lip Balm Set.

The Elianto Fruity Lip Balm Set retails at RM49.90, which consist of Berry, Orange and Lychee flavours lip balm.

From Elianto E-store, it states that Elianto Fruity Lip Balm Set in Berry, Orange and Lychee flavours will smooth, soothe and soften your lips, leaving a gentle tint to enhance your smile. Containing moisturising Shea Butter and anti-oxidant Vitamin E, it will transform even dry, chapped lips.
Usage : Apply a small amount regularly to lips throughout the day to prevent against dryness.

Berry Lip Balm
Probably the most famous flavour for every brand of lip balm, this has a the usual fruity berry flavour, a rosy pinkish flush when applied on lips. Perfect if you're looking for a hint of colour from applying lip balm.

Orange Lip Balm
Tangy and citrusy, this is the best lip balm to wear when you're still feeling sleepy in the morning. It perks you up and keeps you energize, besides keeping your lips soft and smooth.

Lychee Lip Balm
My fave! This reminds me of my favourite drink, Lychee juice/syrup, it smells exactly like it, sweet fragrant aroma that smells so good I am tempted to lick my lips all the time, lolz.

I love the texture and consistency of these lip balm, they remind me of tube lip balm, but only better as these work really great for chapped lips. I also love how it does not feel sticky and uncomfortable on my lips, I even love these better than The Body Shop Born Lippy, which feels a little heavy and sticky on my lips.

So if you're in need of a moisturizing lip balm in a cute pot, give these a try!

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