Tuesday, January 20, 2015

MrLens Malaysia

I have bad eyesight ever since I was a little kid. Pretty sure it was avoidable, but the 90s are the science fiction era, it's cool to wear glasses, lolz. Back then, I also love reading comic books/manga/novels on my bed, with dim lighting, so it's no wonder I ended up with high prescription glasses and contact lenses.

I've been wearing contact lenses for over 13 years now, but I never thought of buying them straight from online webstore. Until one day I stumbled upon MrLens FB page, apparently they're the largest online contact lenses store in Malaysia. Hmmm...I was intriqued, so I decided to browse through MrLens and found out indeed they do offer a wide range of contact lenses with a much lower price. 

So I decided to order my usual Bausch & Lomb Softlens for Astigmatism,  MrLens provides various payment method for the convenience of their customers. Overall shopping online with MrLens is quite easy and hassle free. My order was done on a Wed afternoon, delivery was to be expected between 1-3 days, but of course I didn't expect it to be shipped so soon, as I usually have to wait 5-14 days when I ordered toric lenses from my optical store.

My order arrived on Monday evening, I was surprised as they didn't send me an e-mail stating my order had been shipped out. Nevertheless I was happy to received it, hehehe. My contact lenses was placed inside a zip lock bag, along with some other items.

Bausch & Lomb Softlens For Astigmatism..
Really bad eyesight, I know, lolz.

A booklet which contains info on contact lenses

Voucher codes for friends

And a free Chupa chups lollypop, hehehe

My order cost me RM180 for 2 boxes of Bausch & Lomb Softlens with a shipping fee of RM13 for Sabah. This is definitely the cheapest I'd ever paid for a 6 month supply of toric lenses. With a much lower price and a fast delivery, I'll definitely be ordering from them again in the future.


  1. I don't really know about contact lense because i don't wear it but it's good to know that finally you found a good store to get it. Hi from me! =D

  2. I enjoy reading your blog too. Keep blogging :)