Friday, January 2, 2015

Sunrise Fashion - Bohemian Bangles

Happy new year! 2015 has finally arrived, I'm starting off my new year blog post by reviewing one of my favourite things, bohemian bangles. 

Last year I'd been doing a lot of digging on the web, looking out for vintage dress, unique handmade crafts and accessories.  While doing my little 'research', I'd accidently stumbled upon an online webstore that sells a lot of super cute dresses and accessories, Sunrise Fashion. Most of their items are pre-order, which require a waiting period of 7-11 days for shipment by air and a little more longer if you choose shipment by sea, but what really amazes me are their price list, their super affordable and dare I say quite cheap, lolz.

I made a quick browse and decided to buy a few things such as hair accessories and these beautiful bohemian bangles.

Blue/Turqoise Bohemian Bangles

Purple Bohemian Bangles

Each set cost RM14 and consist of 9 bracelets, very affordable indeed, which is why I got 2 set of these in my 2 favourite colours, blue and purple.

I normally don't wear beaded bracelet, especially one with minimalist design, but these are really great if you're into wearing stack up bracelets. The simplicity, feminine colour pallete and delicate design complements the whole look and makes it quite unique.

Stacking up bangle bracelets are a fun way of updating your whole look, they lend a free-spirited bohemian vibe, giving you an individual unique look. Perfect for the gypsy in you : )

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