Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fashion Inspiration - Cinderella

I have always been into fairy tales, especially Cinderella. Many animated and movie version of Cinderella have been made throughout the years, but the recently released Disney's Cinderella movie is by far the best version I'd seen so far. 

Magical and enchanting, Lily James personifies the kindhearted and beautiful Cinderella. I'm glad Sir Kenneth Branagh decided to stick to the original story and didn't deviate much from the original Cinderella, because there's no reason to ruin a classic fairy tale by changing the whole plot line :)

Three-time Oscar winner, costume designer Sandy Powell is the genius behind the fabulous costumes in Cinderella. My fave is of course the iconic shimmery, layered blue dress with butterfly accents that Cinderella wore to the royal ball.

Apparently it took  270 yards of fabric, 10 000 Swarovski crystals, 4 miles of thread and 3 miles of hems to make this iconic dress. It definitely pays off as the dress really looks like a work of art, woven by the magical wand of a fairy godmother.

The long-sleeved ivory wedding dress reminds me a lot of Grace Kelly. Very 50s. Classic, regal and elegant.

Surprise surprise, I didn't hate the charming prince in this movie, lmao. Lily James & Richard Madden has great chemistry in the movie, so great that they'll be doing a stage adaption of Romeo and Juliet in the West End, once again directed by Cinderella's director Sir Kenneth Branagh.

Not only do I love the movie, I'm also in love with this Disney’s Cinderella Mattel Doll, which looks a lot like Lily James in the movie.

The glass slippers are gorgeous too!

I actually won this from Walt Disney Studios facebook giveaway. Lucky me! lol.

*Photo Credits : IMDB

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