Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Philosophy Time In A Bottle

Philosophy is one of those rare beauty brands that can only be found at Sephora store. Now that KK has it's very own Sephora store, there's no more hassle in searching for this famous beauty care online, since we could easily get it in store, unless of course you're getting it for a much cheaper price during online sales season : )

A few months back, my best friend and I won the Philosophy Time In A Bottle daily age-defying serum, we couldn't collect it personally since their collection place is in KL. Thankfully a friend's cousin help us to collect and couriered them to us. Yay!

Philosophy Time In A Bottle daily age-defying serum (RM300)

The small vial of high-potency vitamin c8 activator is to be poured into the serum. Then fasten the pump and shake it for 20 second. The serum will slowly turn into light pinkish colour and voila...it's ready to be applied to your skin.

Since this serum is meant to help defy the appearance of all major signs of aging, I decided to gift this to my mom. So this review post is based on my mom's experience in using this. Unlike me who have nasty sensitive combination skin, my mom has healthy normal skin, the only skin woes that she's facing are wrinkles and dark undereye circles. She applies this twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. She didn't apply any other moisturizer except for sunscreen. 

This serum is light in texture, not too runny and not too watery. It melts perfectly on skin and absorbs fast without any sticky feeling. I knew this because I decided to tried it on and see if it'll cause any irritation on my sensitive skin. Thank god I didn't get any of those problems, lol.

Most skincare has effects that can only be seen after using them for 4 weeks and above, Philosophy Time In A Bottle managed to improve my mom's skin in just 2 weeks. Her skin appears much smoother, radiant and more even toned. Fine lines and wrinkles seems to look less obvious too and her little pigmentation spots seems to slowly dissappear. Another plus is there is no feeling of tightness on skin after wearing this.

Overall my mom's quite satisfied with this product, the only downside is of course the price, which cost RM300 for a 40ml bottle. Expensive but it really does work faster than any other anti ageing serum.

If you're thinking of purchasing this, do check out any Sephora store near you. Philosophy skincare which falls under Sephora beauty products can also be found online via Zalora. Not sure if they have any tester for this, but if they do have, it's good to request one and check for any skin irritation before purchasing the full size product : )

Monday, May 25, 2015

Jessica Simpson Fancy Love

Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson has always been my signature perfume. It was first released back in 2009, the 2nd perfume after the original Fancy. The 1st time I came across this perfume was from a scent strip in Glamour magazine, I gave a quick rub on my wrist and got hooked immediately. It smells really heavenly.

I decided I really need this in my perfume collection, and thankfully I managed to get this from a perfume store. It was also the last bottle, so I was super lucky to get it before it ran out since I wasn't able to find it from other shopping malls.

That was of course a long long time ago, lol. Fancy Love is one of those perfume that is super hard to find, since Metrojaya and Parkson does not sell any Jessica Simpson's perfumes, which is under Parlux Fragrances. The perfume store that I first bought it doesn't re-stock Jessica Simpson's perfumes either, so the only other solution is of course to get it online.

I am quite wary of buying perfumes online as there seems to be quite a lot of fake perfumes being sold online. So I did a bit of research first before deciding to purchase from Teratak Wangi. An online E-store that sells original perfumes at lower prices, they also have their own walk in store.

So glad I decided to purchase from them as my perfume arrived in a timely manner and was wrapped perfectly. I bought this for RM162.18 including shipping which is less than the price I bought 5 years ago, lol. If you're thinking of purchasing some perfumes, do check out their Web Store or FB, they have quite a long list of perfumes : )

Fancy Love By Jessica Simpson

Top Notes : Bergamot, Peach Blossom, Goji Leaves, Pink Champagne
Middle Notes : Lotus, Peony, Plumeria, Jasmine and Turkish Rose
Base Notes : Creamy Amber, Blond Wood, Musk and Patchouli

The first scent that hit me is the sharp fizzy scent of pink champagne.It was definitely quite strong and I was quite worried for a while, as I'm not a fan of overtly citrusy/clean scent. Thankfully the sharp scent toned down after a few minutes, then it was the combination scent of champagne, bergamot and peaches, with playful hints of floral notes which blends well together, creating a feminine vibe. The best part is of course the dry down, the milky scent of peaches and cream smells really warm and comforting, I kept sniffing my wrist all day long.

A very long lasting perfume, as I only need to spritz twice and it'll last all day long. It also leaves a lovely trail, people would know you'd been in a room even after leaving it 5 minutes ago. This is also a crowd pleaser, as people kept asking what perfume I wear. People actually noticed this perfume which never happens with my other perfume. Hmmmm

The bottle does look quite vintage. It has a feminine, romantic vibe to it and the whole white bottle does reminds me of weddings, which makes it perfect for brides to be too.

Since there had been some talks about the similarities between Fancy Love and Taylor by Taylor Swift. I decided to spritz on Taylor at Sephora. It was fruity floral at first spray, which smells nothing like Fancy Love. But the dry down does bear some resemblance in the form of warm comforting peaches and cream scent. Taylor is a bit more fresh, citrusy and less muskier than Fancy Love.

Burberry Women is another perfume that Fancy Love shares some similarities with. A bit more sharper and a very 90s scent, which I love. I'll probably get that after I finished my bottle of Fancy Love : )

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sabah Professional Photographers Society - Kaamatan Exhibition Centre Point

Today is one of those rare days where I decided to visit Centre Point Mall, which I haven't visit for quite a long time, one of the reason why I decided to go visit CP is because I need to collect a book at Popular Book Store which I recently won from a contest. lolz.

Thankfully I decided to went out early as the traffic proved to be quite hectic today, it took me almost an hour to get to KK, not sure what maybe causing the jammed, probably due to Kaamatan season? Hehehe.

Centre Point always have lots of exhibition, right now there's the Sabah Professional Photographers Society - Kaamatan Exhibition happening on Palm Square, Centre Point.

Here's a few of my favourites...

Kaamatan Collection by Ling Tow Shen

This is definitely my favourite photo from the exhibition. The expression, the lighting. Overall this Granpa looks really natural in front of the camera. Very cool looking indeed.

Kaamatan Collection by Clement Liew

 This girl is so cute.Very photogenic indeed!

Portrait by Henry K.Y. Chin
Probably the most familiar name among all the other photographers here, as I'd seen his works before, mostly on Flickr. If you love nature photos, you're going to love his work, which always look  breathtakingly beautiful.

I love the smile on her face, lighthearted, relaxed and very natural.

Portrait By Victor Ding
I love the traditional costumes on these 2 lovely ladies and this portrait really do captures their beauty.

So if you haven't check out the Sabah Professional Photographers Society - Kaamatan Exhibition Centre Point that's happening now till 31st of May, do have a visit now to check out the works of these very talented photographers.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Fashion Inspiration - 500 Days Of Summer

When the movie 500 Days Of Summer came out in 2009, I was in the mid of re-inventing my personal style. Back then, I still dressed as if I was a uni student. I would wear T-shirt, jeans and sneakers all the time, including going out to dinner parties, because I have nothing else in my closet, lmao. Even during the boho chic phase, I never once wore a peasant skirt, such a shame, I know, lolz. 

Watching Zooey Deschanel's Summer Finn character in that movie definitely pushed me to change my overall appearance. I have always love fashion, especially vintage inspired and romantic whimsical style, which is why I love Summer Finn's overall wardrobe in this movie. 

The Navy Blue dress that she wore at the record store when telling Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) her favorite Beatle is Ringo, lolz.

The pale blue dress she wore while clowning around at the Ikea store.

And another pale blue dress....

This whole ensemble reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, classic and demure, with the belted white blouse and 50s style skirt.

The soft pale blue dress that she wore at Millie's wedding is my fave of the bunch. It really brings out the blue in her eyes.

500 Days Of Summer has a really great costume designer in Hope Hanafin. She really brings these characters to life. Kooky and quirky, Tom and Summer has their own distintive style that complement each other. But sadly this is not a love story. Summer Finn, you're a heartbreaker : (

Fashion trends may come and go, which is why when it comes to choosing your personal style, it is good to find one that best reflects your personality. For me, my fashion inspiration have always comes from movies.

*Photo Credits : IMDB

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

BBQ Chicken Restaurant - Suria Sabah

BBQ Chicken Restaurant is one of my favourite choice of restaurant whenever I'm craving Korean Style BBQ. Originated from Korea, this No.1 franchise brand in Korea has opened it's outlet here in Suria and Imago.

BBQ Chicken only uses 100% trans fat free Pure Olive Oil. Besides that, only chilled chickens and fresh ingredients go into every preparation. There's even a 24-hour marination using 30 types of natural spices for the most tender and juicy chicken

If you're wondering why I'm such an expert on their restaurant, it's because these are all stated on their FB fanpage, lolz

One of my favourite dish from their menu is the grilled chicken. It's served with rice of the day, fresh salad and 1 personal choice of side dish

Grilled chicken served with rice of the day, fresh salad and calamari.

The calamari was fried to perfection, it's crispy, tender and succulent.

The grilled chicken are tender and very juicy. It's also quite spicy, but not necessary hot, considering they're using 30 types of natural spices, it's probably given that this grilled chicken turns out very flavourful, and indeed they do. It's like there's a party in my mouth everytime I took a bite.Yummy!

Grilled chicken served with rice of the day, fresh salad and Kochi
Another fave of mine, Kochi is a Korean style of grilled chicken kebab. This korean version of kebab is less spicier than the grilled chicken, it's well marinated, tender and juicy as well. If you're into kebab/satay style BBQ chicken, you're going to love this!

The fresh salad was good too, since I rarely eat them and therefore there is no need to complain,lol. The only thing that I didn't quite enjoy in this menu is their rice of the day. The rice was hard and tasted quite bland. Meh.

Sous-Vide Nasi Goreng

Well the egg doesn't turn out as nice as the one in the menu.hehehe

Taste wise, this is quite average, probably because I'm used to eating hawker style fried rice, those with high amount of saturated fat and ajinomoto, lol. The thing that Sous-Vide Nasi Goreng lacks is the intensely aromatic flavour of  'wok hei', the egg was a bit overdone too : (

Overall I still love this place. It's the best place for Korean Grilled Chicken and their Kochi is scrumptious. I even drool a little writing about it now. lolz.