Tuesday, May 5, 2015

BBQ Chicken Restaurant - Suria Sabah

BBQ Chicken Restaurant is one of my favourite choice of restaurant whenever I'm craving Korean Style BBQ. Originated from Korea, this No.1 franchise brand in Korea has opened it's outlet here in Suria and Imago.

BBQ Chicken only uses 100% trans fat free Pure Olive Oil. Besides that, only chilled chickens and fresh ingredients go into every preparation. There's even a 24-hour marination using 30 types of natural spices for the most tender and juicy chicken

If you're wondering why I'm such an expert on their restaurant, it's because these are all stated on their FB fanpage, lolz

One of my favourite dish from their menu is the grilled chicken. It's served with rice of the day, fresh salad and 1 personal choice of side dish

Grilled chicken served with rice of the day, fresh salad and calamari.

The calamari was fried to perfection, it's crispy, tender and succulent.

The grilled chicken are tender and very juicy. It's also quite spicy, but not necessary hot, considering they're using 30 types of natural spices, it's probably given that this grilled chicken turns out very flavourful, and indeed they do. It's like there's a party in my mouth everytime I took a bite.Yummy!

Grilled chicken served with rice of the day, fresh salad and Kochi
Another fave of mine, Kochi is a Korean style of grilled chicken kebab. This korean version of kebab is less spicier than the grilled chicken, it's well marinated, tender and juicy as well. If you're into kebab/satay style BBQ chicken, you're going to love this!

The fresh salad was good too, since I rarely eat them and therefore there is no need to complain,lol. The only thing that I didn't quite enjoy in this menu is their rice of the day. The rice was hard and tasted quite bland. Meh.

Sous-Vide Nasi Goreng

Well the egg doesn't turn out as nice as the one in the menu.hehehe

Taste wise, this is quite average, probably because I'm used to eating hawker style fried rice, those with high amount of saturated fat and ajinomoto, lol. The thing that Sous-Vide Nasi Goreng lacks is the intensely aromatic flavour of  'wok hei', the egg was a bit overdone too : (

Overall I still love this place. It's the best place for Korean Grilled Chicken and their Kochi is scrumptious. I even drool a little writing about it now. lolz.

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