Monday, May 18, 2015

Fashion Inspiration - 500 Days Of Summer

When the movie 500 Days Of Summer came out in 2009, I was in the mid of re-inventing my personal style. Back then, I still dressed as if I was a uni student. I would wear T-shirt, jeans and sneakers all the time, including going out to dinner parties, because I have nothing else in my closet, lmao. Even during the boho chic phase, I never once wore a peasant skirt, such a shame, I know, lolz. 

Watching Zooey Deschanel's Summer Finn character in that movie definitely pushed me to change my overall appearance. I have always love fashion, especially vintage inspired and romantic whimsical style, which is why I love Summer Finn's overall wardrobe in this movie. 

The Navy Blue dress that she wore at the record store when telling Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) her favorite Beatle is Ringo, lolz.

The pale blue dress she wore while clowning around at the Ikea store.

And another pale blue dress....

This whole ensemble reminds me of Audrey Hepburn, classic and demure, with the belted white blouse and 50s style skirt.

The soft pale blue dress that she wore at Millie's wedding is my fave of the bunch. It really brings out the blue in her eyes.

500 Days Of Summer has a really great costume designer in Hope Hanafin. She really brings these characters to life. Kooky and quirky, Tom and Summer has their own distintive style that complement each other. But sadly this is not a love story. Summer Finn, you're a heartbreaker : (

Fashion trends may come and go, which is why when it comes to choosing your personal style, it is good to find one that best reflects your personality. For me, my fashion inspiration have always comes from movies.

*Photo Credits : IMDB

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