Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Philosophy Time In A Bottle

Philosophy is one of those rare beauty brands that can only be found at Sephora store. Now that KK has it's very own Sephora store, there's no more hassle in searching for this famous beauty care online, since we could easily get it in store, unless of course you're getting it for a much cheaper price during online sales season : )

A few months back, my best friend and I won the Philosophy Time In A Bottle daily age-defying serum, we couldn't collect it personally since their collection place is in KL. Thankfully a friend's cousin help us to collect and couriered them to us. Yay!

Philosophy Time In A Bottle daily age-defying serum (RM300)

The small vial of high-potency vitamin c8 activator is to be poured into the serum. Then fasten the pump and shake it for 20 second. The serum will slowly turn into light pinkish colour and voila...it's ready to be applied to your skin.

Since this serum is meant to help defy the appearance of all major signs of aging, I decided to gift this to my mom. So this review post is based on my mom's experience in using this. Unlike me who have nasty sensitive combination skin, my mom has healthy normal skin, the only skin woes that she's facing are wrinkles and dark undereye circles. She applies this twice daily, once in the morning and once at night. She didn't apply any other moisturizer except for sunscreen. 

This serum is light in texture, not too runny and not too watery. It melts perfectly on skin and absorbs fast without any sticky feeling. I knew this because I decided to tried it on and see if it'll cause any irritation on my sensitive skin. Thank god I didn't get any of those problems, lol.

Most skincare has effects that can only be seen after using them for 4 weeks and above, Philosophy Time In A Bottle managed to improve my mom's skin in just 2 weeks. Her skin appears much smoother, radiant and more even toned. Fine lines and wrinkles seems to look less obvious too and her little pigmentation spots seems to slowly dissappear. Another plus is there is no feeling of tightness on skin after wearing this.

Overall my mom's quite satisfied with this product, the only downside is of course the price, which cost RM300 for a 40ml bottle. Expensive but it really does work faster than any other anti ageing serum.

If you're thinking of purchasing this, do check out any Sephora store near you. Philosophy skincare which falls under Sephora beauty products can also be found online via Zalora. Not sure if they have any tester for this, but if they do have, it's good to request one and check for any skin irritation before purchasing the full size product : )

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