Monday, July 6, 2015

CNP Laboratory 2-Step Power Brightening D-Day Mask and S.O.S Quick Soothing Mask

CNP Laboratory is a Korean Dermatology brand that produces skincare products that are colour-less,non-additives, non-alcohol, non-paraben, non-fragrance, non-mineral oil. Perfect for those with sensitive skin who prefer having non-additives on their skincare products.

I have always love using face masks, as they give an instant boast to my dull skin, so I was super excited to receive these mask from CNP Malaysia as I'd never tried out their face mask before.

This 2 steps brightening mask helps to enhance skin condition by making skin look healthier and brighter. It contains pearl extract that instantly gives skin a healthy glow, perfect for those who need an instant brightening boast on their skin before going out on a special event. 

This soothing mask works well in soothing and moisturizing irritated skin that are affected by external factors such as stress, air pollution and UV rays. A must have face mask for those with dry, sensitive skin as it really works in keeping skin well hydrated.

Overall, these mask are great for keeping skin smooth and silky. My fave is the CNP Laboratory 2-Step S.O.S Quick Soothing Mask, as it really works in calming my somewhat, sensitive skin, I even skip out on my usual serum after applying this mask : )

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