Thursday, October 1, 2015

Otafuse 2015 - Day 1 Cosplay

Back in 2011, my best friend Irene took me to a cosplay event called Otafuse. It was a fun filled event and we were excited to see people dressing up as their favourite anime, game, comic books characters.  We then decided we wanted to cosplay as Yuna & Lenne from Final Fantasy X2, but the plan didn't come through, until.....

Tada......3 ½ years later. Well, better later than never, lolz.

Our costume were made entirely by Irene, who is really great in sewing costume. Her sewing skill has definitely improved over the years, our costume fits really well and she managed to do some last minute alteration on mine due to me losing some extra weight, lolz.

So, we get to pretend to be songstress for the day. We really love our mic, thanks to my little bro for helping us out in modifying them.

By the time we took this pic, Irene's blue Yuna earring had gone missing, we went looking for it but unfortunately it was nowhere to be found. I'm guessing someone accidentally kicked it to a corner, lolz. Oh well.....

Here's a few pics of some really cool looking cosplayer

I finally met Macoto, a friend of Irene's who's super funny and as crazy as me and Irene, lolz.

We went early and didn't stay too long at the event, as it was getting quite crowded. My best friend Tam brought along her mom, Chloe and Cayla, after taking a few pics, we left for lunch as Chloe and Cayla were getting a bit overwhelmed by the crowds, lolz.

Well, that's all for day 1 : )

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