Monday, October 12, 2015

Sponsored : Happy Bath Spa With YOKO

A few weeks back, I received this lovely package for Natta Cosme latest blogging campaign.

This time I get to experience a Happy Bath Spa at Home with these lovely products from YOKO.I was quite excited as I'd tried out a few YOKO products before and I was quite satisfied with the results.

A vintage looking pamplet on how to use these products was also included in the box.

Contains Spring Sea Water, Collagen, Hyaluron, Shea Butter & Vitamin B3. Refreshes skin and keeps skin fresh, hydrate and healthy looking when used regularly

This body serum has a lighter texture than body lotion. It feels very light and absorbs easily on my skin, without any sticky and heavy feeling. It has a distinctive scent which reminds me a lot of aquatic cologne, if you love aquatic fragrances, you're going to love the scent of this body serum.

I applied this after shower and it really does works in keeping my skin soft and hydrated, especially when I'm in an air-conditioned room which usually made my skin dry. I'd noticed less dryness especially on my legs which usually tend to be a bit dry and flaky.

The nourishing benefits of Hokkaido milk and glutathione will bring out a new radiant and healthy look that are soft and smooth to the touch.

The 1st thing I noticed about this body serum is the scent. Oh my, this is a really lovely scent, it has a floral powdery scent that reminds me a lot of vintage perfumes. This is a very unique scent and the floral powdery scent lingers for quite a while on my skin.

I applied this every morning after shower and I love how easily this body serum absorbs on my skin, I didn't have to wait long for it to dry and it doesn't leave any sticky-ness on me. Another plus point is this serum comes with UV protection, so it's perfect for use during the day. Not only does it keeps my skin smooth and smelling nice, it also has the benefit of sun protection for my skin.

Yoko Milky Shower Cream is a beauty nutrition specially formulated for the skin with selection of quality ingredients that contain beneficial moisturizing vitamins to allow deep moisturizing into skin. With Milk Protein Vitamin B3 and Yeast Extract, the skin becomes beautiful, supple and naturally white.

Yoko Milky Shower Cream has a milky runny texture that lathers easily. Scent wise it doesn't really smell anything unique, but performance wise this is a really good shower cream, especially if you have dry skin. This shower cream really works in cleaning off all the grimes and at the same time keeping my skin well moisturized. Usually after shower, my skin feels a little bit dry if I didn't apply my body serum within minutes. But with this product, I can even skip my body serum for a few hours and my skin won't even feel dry at all.

Overall, these 3 products are really worth a try. If you're in need of a little TLC at home, do check out these great Yoko products from Natta Cosme !

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