Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Bye Bye Cellulite Body Scrub - Bridella Beauty

Cellulite is a constant battle that seems to plague many women out there regardless of body shapes and types. I'd had them during my skinny days, chubby days and even now during my normal weight. Basically it's a common problem that requires some lifestyle changes, but of course there is a natural way to help combat cellulite faster and effectively. 

Bye Bye Cellulite Body Scrub by Bridella Beauty is a caffein body scrub enriched with naturally beneficial ingredients that work to target problematic skin conditions such as cellulite, stretch marks, acne scars and psoriasis. 

All naturals, fresh, with no preservatives, Bye Bye Cellulite Body Scrub ingredients include :

Coffee Robusta Seed Powder, Sugar, Cinnamon, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almon Oil, Vitamin E, Water, Fragrance

Bye Bye Cellulite Body Scrub has a distinctive coffee scent that will instantly wakes you up upon smelling it. After scrubbing my problematic skin lightly in circular motion, I'd leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it off. A few scoop is all I need to get my skin feeling smooth and well moisturized. 

The caffeine and antioxidants in Bye Bye Cellulite Body Scrub helps to stimulate blood flow, and improve circulation. This in turn will help to  smooth out the build up of fatty tissue while also firming and tightening the skin. 
Coconut oil and Vitamin E Oil helps to restore moisture to your skin and keeping it well hydrated. 

Overall, it's a great product for combating cellulite and other problematic skin conditions. Not only does it keeps my skin feeling soft to the touch, it also works in reducing the appearance of those pesky annoying cellulite.
Bye Bye Cellulite Body Scrub is currently available in 2 different size packaging :
200g - RM28
80g   -RM12
If you're interested to try out this all natural caffein body scrub, do check out their Facebook Page Bridella Beauty    ^-^

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