Thursday, December 31, 2015

HobbyCon 2015 - Worlds Collide Day 1

HobbyCon is an event that offers platform for young people to showcase their talent, passion, and most importantly to share and spread their hobby. Their mission is to find, introduce and bring together as many positive youth culture and activities for the public to see which includes art colleges, design studios, clubs, hobby/ game shops, toy makers and fashion boutiques. 

HobbyCon has been held for many years and has attracted many hobbyists and cosplayers to attend the event. For this event, Irene and I went as Queen Of Hearts & Alice Liddell from the video game Alice Madness Returns. Irene did a great job on our costume and the dresses fit us like a glove. I have my brother to thank for helping us out in making the props and helping us taking some pictures during the event.

Our Star March theme Horror Group ^.^

Interesting looking cosplayers.......

Guest appearance by cosplayer Misa Chiang from Taiwan and prop-maker Lyron Aquino from the Philippines.

Overall, Day 1 was a very fun filled day as we get to see lots of interesting, colorful looking cosplayer ^.^

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