Thursday, December 31, 2015

HobbyCon 2015 - Worlds Collide Day 2

My fave cosplayer for this year Hobbycon is this bad ass, super cool looking Lady Loki. She definitely nails the God Of Mischief's bad vibes.

Another cool looking lady cosplayer wielding an equally cool looking lightsaber ^.^

Is this a real life person or is it a mannequin? lolz

Nana & Ren

The Grim Reaper

So cute! Hahahahaha

I'd been looking for this cosplayer and was super lucky to bump her before we went back home. I love Spirited Away seeing someone cosplay as No-Face definitely brings back old memories.

With Macoto ^.^

My best friend took along her daughter to see us cosplay that day. Cayla was a little tired and wasn't too keen on taking too many pictures, lolz.

We even managed to get a taste of this delicious looking ice cream from Borneo Ice Cream Rolls  ^.^

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