Monday, January 25, 2016

2015 Cosplay Photoshoot

A long overdue blog post. Initially I wanted to post this during Halloween but I forgot, lolz. Since it's already 2016, I supposed it's better to just post our 2015 Cosplay Photoshoot in one go.


Character : Bloody Red Ridinghood

Cosplayer : Loretta 

Costume & Props : Irene

Character : Dark Witch

Cosplayer : Irene 

Costume & Props : Irene  


Character : Yuna (Irene)
                     Lenne (Loretta)

Costume : Irene  
Props : Ronald 


Character : Queen Of Hearts (Irene)
                     Alice Liddell (Loretta)

Costume : Irene  
Props : Ronald 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

IHop Cafe

IHop Cafe is a steakhouse that serves western and chinese cusines that's located in Lintas Plaza. It's our first visit here and we were quite excited to try out their menu.

Each table comes with it's own personal computer, equipped with free WIFI service, so we get to do some internet surfing while waiting for out food.

Grilled New Zealand Lamb

The grilled lamb was juicy, tender and grilled to perfection. It was quite tasty! Unfortunately we didn't love the spagetti as we found it to be tasteless. We weren't too fond of the mashed potato and salad either, the mashed potato was a bit too peppery and salad was a bit too sour for me.

Grilled Fish

I was surprised when I received my order as I remember ordering something that looks a bit like fish & chips, nevertheless I was determined to try out this grilled fish, lolz. The grilled fish was quite tender and juicy, but unfortunately I find it doesn't seem to complement well the other side dish. The dip sauce was quite tasteless too. Was it mushroom sauce or mayo sauce? Even though I'm a big fan of mayonnaise, I wasn't able to answer this question, lolz.

Chrispy Chicken Burger

The chicken burger tasted okey but the fries was quite soggy.

Honeydew & Yam Milk Tea

These are delicious! We really love these cool, refreshing, flavourful milk tea ^.^

Even though we weren't quite satisfied with my our food except for the drinks, we were satisfied with the good service.Perhaps this is still a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy our evening milk tea session.

Taman Tun Fuad Stephens, Bukit Padang Food Court

Taman Tun Fuad Stephens, Bukit Padang Food Court is a great place to have breakfast, especially during the weekends, where it's usually crowded as people love to stop by after doing their exercise at the jogging track.

Not only do we get to enjoy the good food here, there's even a great scenic view right in front of us.

 Fried Noodle (Seafood)

The squids and prawns was really fresh, soft and tender, yum yum..I really love the fried noodle here!

Seafood Laksa

The Seafood Laksa was rather bland though. It seems to be lacking in terms of flavour.

Overall it's a great place to have breakfast/lunch as there's a great variety in terms of menu and the price was quite affordable.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kim Fah Restaurant, Centre Point

Kim Fah Restaurants are well known for serving delicious affordable Chinese cuisines. Their 8th restaurant was opened in Centre Point, June last year. 

I have always love their Chinese dishes, so trying out their latest restaurant is a must. But before I comment on their food, let's have a look at their cozy looking decor, hehehe.

Their Mee Tuaran smelled fragrantly appetizing, it's eggy, springly and tasted so good.

Their Fried Rice (Chicken) was delicious too. It has a smokey flavour which I really love. My brother's Fried Rice (Salted Fish) unfortunately has a really weird smell. Instead of the usual salted fish smell, it actually smell like rotten fish, it also taste a bit weird, lolz.

Overall it was a 3.5/5, I would love to rate it higher but unfortunately my brother's Fried Rice (Salted Fish) doesn't quite meet our expectations. We'll probably steer clear anything with salted fish for our next visit here ^.^