Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kim Fah Restaurant, Centre Point

Kim Fah Restaurants are well known for serving delicious affordable Chinese cuisines. Their 8th restaurant was opened in Centre Point, June last year. 

I have always love their Chinese dishes, so trying out their latest restaurant is a must. But before I comment on their food, let's have a look at their cozy looking decor, hehehe.

Their Mee Tuaran smelled fragrantly appetizing, it's eggy, springly and tasted so good.

Their Fried Rice (Chicken) was delicious too. It has a smokey flavour which I really love. My brother's Fried Rice (Salted Fish) unfortunately has a really weird smell. Instead of the usual salted fish smell, it actually smell like rotten fish, it also taste a bit weird, lolz.

Overall it was a 3.5/5, I would love to rate it higher but unfortunately my brother's Fried Rice (Salted Fish) doesn't quite meet our expectations. We'll probably steer clear anything with salted fish for our next visit here ^.^


  1. Mari kita pi makan lagi muah hahaha

    1. 1 bulan kemudian br reply.hahaha,sedap kn,mau singgah slalu ni,lolz.