Sunday, February 21, 2016

Adelphi & Co

A while back ago, Irene & I decided to have our breakfast at Adelphi & Co, a western style cafe that's located in Damai Plaza. Being one of the latest cafe in Kota Kinabalu,  we were keen on trying out their menu.

Here's what we decided to have for breakfast.

Smoked Ham Toasted Crossaint Sandwich 

 Smoked Duck Toasted Crossaint Sandwich

 Chocolate Milk

Both of us ordered crossaint sandwiches & iced chocolate milk for our breakfast. To be frank, I was never a big fan of crossaint, as I feel that it always taste kinda bland. So imagine my surprise when I took a bite and actually enjoyed it, lolz. It was crispy, flaky & buttery, the slight saltiness from the smoked ham/turkey really does complements well with the crossaint.

I really love the side salad too, the flavourful salad dressing adds a unique touch to the salad. I kinda forgot the name for the drinks that we ordered, but it's definitely chocolate milk, hahaha, these taste awesome too,  chocolatey milky goodness.

Our order totals up around RM50, a price that is slightly higher than the other cafe that we'd tried before. But with the great food, great service and super cozy ambience, it's definitely worth a visit especially for the cafe enthusiast ^.^

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