Sunday, February 21, 2016

Breadboss Bakery Cafe

Breadboss Bakery Cafe is located in Damai and is one of the best places for having waffles and coffees.  They offer a great variety of freshly brewed coffee, with coffee beans that are imported from Ethiopia, Brazil, Indonesia  & Papua New Guinea.

Here's a few pics of their super crispy waffles, which are super delicious ^.^

Banana Chocolate Waffle

Fruit Waffle

Belgian Classic Waffle

Coffee Latte & Double Chocolate

Hmmm....Interesting looking decor...

Wefie is a must ^.^

Irene was the one who introduced me to this cafe, she spends a lot of time hanging out & having coffee here with friends ever since she took dance classes  at Synergy Dance Studio, which is located just upstairs from this cafe. 

Overall, I love the food here. Their waffles and coffees are a must try. So do check out this place if you haven't done so yet! 

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