Monday, February 22, 2016

Check-In Dining Restaurant

Check-In Dining Restaurant which is located at 88 Marketplace Kota Kinabalu, is an aviation theme restaurant. This unique, one of a kind dining experience definitely pique our interest, which is why we decided to stop by there and quench our curiosity.

Check-In Dining Restaurant definitely offers a wide variety of menu and we were spoilt with many choices.

With all these realistic looking airplane windows, it really does boast an in-flight dining atmosphere.

We were so into taking pictures that the manager even brought a pilot and stewardess hats for us to take play with, lolz.


We actually made some mistakes during writing out our order, which is the reason why we ended up eating dessert first. lolz.

Panna Cotta

The famous Panna Cotta, a gelatinous creamy dessert with crumbly chipsmore-like cookies on top of it. The whole thing looks a lot like a little plant. Definitely a unique way of serving dessert. The fact that I'm into gardening really does made me feel wary of eating this as it really does reminds me of my flower pots at home. Thankfully it taste nothing like soil, lol. Instead it's a sweet creamy dessert that melts wonderfully in my mouth ^.^

Panna Cotta
Panna Cotta

Vanilla Ice Cream, Cheesy Fries & Matcha Green Tea Tiramisu 

We made a mistake in ordering and ended up with these, but it was all good as we really did enjoyed these. The Vanilla Ice Cream &  Matcha Green Tea Tiramisu were super delicious. The cheese sauce that covered the whole fries was super flavourful and doesn't taste bland. The fries were not soggy at all, which is another reason why I love these.

Spicy Hot Chicken Wings

These Spicy Hot Chicken Wings are the best! They're super crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside. They're definitely well marinated and I would definitely recommend these to all chicken wings lover out there, hahaha. In terms of spicyness, it's definitely not that spicy for me, which is another plus as I always have a problem  in enjoying the wonderful burst of flavours when the whole spicyness overwhelms all the other flavour.

Baked Clam With Cheese & Tomato Sauce

The cheese & tomato sauce combo really makes this dish taste so good. Yum Yum Yum!

Markisa & Apple Juice 

Fruit juices are served on these glasses that resembles light bulb,  so unique! These taste refreshingly good.

Overall, we really love dining here, it's a quirky way of enjoying our meal in a one of a kind restaurant. Price wise, we were expecting a much higher price than most of the other restaurant that we had been to, but it was actually quite affordable. So do check out this place if you haven't and experience it for yourself ^.^

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