Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sakagura Japanese Restaurant

Sakagura is a Japanese restaurant that's located at Oceanus Waterfront Mall. Originated from Hokkaido, Sakagura serve authentic style Japanese cuisine. Like most other eatery in Oceanus Waterfront Mall, this restaurant is actually run by Japanese owner.

Irene, the ever loving Japanese Enthusiast introduced me to Sakagura, claiming that it's the best place that serve Japanese Curry Rice in town ^.^

As usual when I'm in a Japanese Restaurant. I love to order Japanese Garlic Rice. Because I love love love Garlic Rice. lolz.

Lightly fragrant with delicate garlic, this garlic rice is super delicious. Simplicity at it's best!

Irene's favourite Japanese Curry Rice ^.^

Definitely the best Japanese Curry Rice in town. It's delicious curry fragrance will definitely enticed you to have a bite, or perhaps a plate, lolz.  Sakagura serves Japanese rice which are a bit fluffier and stickier than our locally produced rice.

Super Crispy Salmon with Egg Mayo. 

This is a special dish that's normally not on their menu. Occasionally Sakagura serve these extra special dishes, so if you happen to notice this on their menu,  do try this as their  super fresh, super crispy and super delicious. Their egg mayo dressing tasted so good, I even drool a little while typing this blog post, lolz.

Yum! Yum! Yum!

Overall, the food were delicious and definitely taste better than the other Japanese Restaurants in KK. The staffs were friendly and accommodating, which is another great plus for this must visit Japanese restaurant. The only downside is their price range is definitely higher than the other Japanese Restaurants in KK, but for the quality of food that is serve here, it's definitely worth it ^.^

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