Monday, May 23, 2016

Cafe De Vie

When someone mentions Cafe De Vie, the 1st thing that always comes in mind is their super delicious mille crepe cake. I never would have guess they have an extensive menu that taste as good as their mille crepe cakes too! 

On one sunny sunday afternoon, we decided to celebrate Irene's birthday at Cafe De Vie in Metro Town. We wanted to celebrate it at a cozy place where there'll be cakes! lolz.

And here's what we had for lunch..... Tada !

Butter Prawn Spaghetti - RM15.20

If you're a big fan of butter prawns, you're going to love this. If you're a big fan of rich, creamy spaghetti, you're going to love this too! Did I mentioned how tasty this is, because this is the best spaghetti I'd ever tasted so far. The butter prawns were super flavourful, the spaghetti was drenched in rich, creamy sauce that was the perfect combination between not too thick and not too watery.

De Vie Nasi Lemak - RM14.30

This is probably the biggest shock of them all. We would never had guess their De Vie Nasi Lemak tasted surprisingly really really good. Their sambal belacan was super aromatic, the fried chicken was super tender and well marinated, the dried anchovies and salted peanuts were crunchy & crispy. Even their sunny side egg was perfect too! Not overcooked and not too runny. Just perfect ^.^

Swiss Chocolate Velvet Cake -RM11.90

Chocolate lovers would enjoy this delectable chocolatey cake. The only thing to remember is if you're planning to light birthday candles on it, it's probably not a really good choice as we'd witnessed Irene blew away a great amount of chocolate powder on top of the cake during one enthusiastic birthday candle moment, leaving our table filled with chocolatey goodness powder, lolz.

Mocha Cheese - RM11.90

I love the balance between the taste of mocha and cheese in this cake. They seem to blend well without overpowering the taste of one another.

Iced Lemon Tea - RM5.39
100 Plus - RM4.23

Their iced lemon tea has the perfect lemonade concentrate and the sweetness is just rigggght. Overall Cafe De Vie is not only perfect for tea breaks, but there's other delicious menu options for lunch and dinner too.

Lastly Happy Birthday to my dearest friend Irene! Wishing you happiness today, tomorrow and always ^.^

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