Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fook Fah Restaurant

After spending our saturday visiting UMS Marine Aquarium & Museum, suddenly we had some serious cravings for seafood, specifically butter prawns. I'm not even sure if it's normal to have seafood cravings after just seeing little lobsters swimming around in aquariums, lolz.

We headed towards 1Borneo Hypermall and after spending some time checking out which restaurant offers seafood on their menus, we finally decided to satisfy our cravings at Fook Fah Restaurant. If the name sounds familiar to you, that's because this restaurant is the 2nd branch that was opened here in 1Borneo. Their 1st restaurant is located in Kingfisher.

And... here's some pics on what we had that day.

Dry Butter Prawn - RM20
These dry butter prawns are a must try! They're really delicious and we loved the sweetness that has been added into this dish. The portion was quite generous too ^.^

Corn Soup with Crab Meat - RM11

The corn soup was flavourful and delicious too, the only downside is they used shredded crabsticks instead of real crab meats. But we still loved the taste of it.

................ - RM9.50

I have completely forgotten the name of this dish, lolz. We actually picked this after seeing it's pic on the menu, it's something we'd never tried before so we were curious how this taste like. The seasoning sauce has a really delicious fragrant and  it tasted a lot like those seasoning sauce in instant noodles. The only difference is this actually has more belacan flavour and an added zesty kick from the lime. 

Overall Fook Fah Restaurant is a really great place for having lunch or dinner whenever you're cravings for some chinese food, or in our case an extreme cravings for seafood, lolz.

P.S : The Cobalt Blue Lobster from the UMS Aquarium that sparked our seafood cravings...... Yum....Hahahaa

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