Monday, June 6, 2016

Miss Dior Parfum pour Cheveux / Hair Mist

When Irene came back from a holiday in Tokyo, she bought me this lovely gift, Miss Dior Parfum pour Cheveux / Hair Mist from a perfume counter in Narita Airport. She actually mistook this as the Miss Dior Parfum and didn't realized it was meant for perfuming the hair, until we opened and read the description on the box, lol.

Miss Dior Parfum pour Cheveux or Hair Mist was launced in March 2015 and contains :

Top Note : Bergamot
Middle Notes :  Egyptian jasmine grandiflorum, rose
Base Notes : Musk and Indonesian patchouli

At initial spray, there's a fresh burst of Bergamot scent, which slowly gives way to whiffs of jasmine and rose scent, which I really adore. Lastly there's a hint of Musk and Indonesian patchouli dry-down which complements the overall floral scent. 

I have never been a big fan of strong floral / fruity scent. Perfumes that blends well with my body chemistry tends to be soft floral and vanillic scent. Miss Dior Parfum pour Cheveux / Hair Mist definitely falls into the category of soft floral. It actually last the whole day on me and I can still catch a sniff of it at the end of the day. In terms of sillage, it's a noticeable scent that people will actually noticed it everytime you flipped your hair, lolz.

If you love the idea of having fresh floral scent all day long on your lovely tresses, but is worried of the effects of damaged hair, do give this a try as I find it to be quite gentle on hair and doesn't leave my hair dry and tangled. Best of all, it really does gives off a chic, fun and youthful vibe from it's lovely scent!