Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Paws Garden Cat Cafe

If you adore cats but for some reason couldn't keep them. Visiting a cat cafe is the perfect solution for that.  Paws Garden Cat Cafe is located at Kolombong, near Kolombong Futsal. Besides being a cat cafe, they also offer luxury cat hotel for cat owners who are unable to take care of their cats while they're away.

Entrance fee is priced at RM20 for 1 hour. This is inclusive of food and drinks. Since we'd already have our lunch that day, we decided to order Hot Chocolate and Cappucino. Our drinks tasted good and better than we expected. The guy from the next table ordered spagetti and it looked quite tempting, the fact that he finished the whole plate means it probably taste as good as it looks, or maybe he's just hungry, lolz.

After spending some time enjoying our delicious drinks, it's finally time for us to play with some cutesy little furballs. Before entering the room, we had to apply sanitizer to our hands. Then off we go looking for our first victim cat.

The friendliest of them all. This is the only cat that doesn't try to escape from my evil clutches, muahahaha.

 Though this might looks like a happy pic, in reality he does not look happy at all. lolz

This cat really does exudes a diva-like behaviour, he doesn't move at all from his cozy bed, prefering instead to observe people from his high and mighty place, hahahaha

 The laziest cat that's super fluffy and round you just feel like squeezing him.

Not a big fan of touchy feely human, he decided to escape to his natural habitat, away from the us, lol

This is what a good hair day looks like


Reminds me a lot of Salem.......

 Probably the most active of them all, it does nothing but climb and scratch ....climb and scratch

and occasionaly pose for a pic.

If you haven't visit this cat cafe yet, do check them out and experience it all for yourself. It's a well known fact that spending time with cats helps to reduce stress level. For more info, do check out their FB ^.^

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