Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hi-Tea at Promenade Hotel

Last Saturday, we went for a super early birthday lunch at Promenade Hotel. Our buffet was for High-Tea, but we noticed there wasn't much difference between the menu for Lunch Buffet and High-Tea Buffet.

There was only 3 chicken satay sticks left when we got this from the satay table, which kinda made us confused since beef satay generally taste better than chicken satay. But we were proved wrong, lol, since the chicken satay was so tender, juicy and super delicious. The beef satay was a bit hard to chew but we still managed to finish them all, lol.

I have a habit of picking up food without reading the label and I actually thought these were Calamari rings but they turned out to be Onion Rings, good thing I eat onion, lol.

Their Dim Sum tasted better than I expected but their pizza tasted quite bland. Their beef dishes were tender and juicy, as did their squid.


Their smoked tenggiri tasted so good. There's even Fish crackers on their High-Tea buffet table.

The Fish Curry was super flavourful, but their Creamy Butter Prawn were lacking in butter, since we couldn't taste the butter at all.

By the time we got our dessert, we were beyond full, but we still managed to get a taste of these sweet treats. My fave from these bunch is the Durian Cheese Cake, it was so rich and flavourful. 

Overall, Promenade Hotel offers extensive menu for their Hi-Tea buffet.If you're thinking of having Tea with friends and family, do visit them for a try.

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