Sunday, October 16, 2016

KISS Mineral Vegan Makeup

A few weeks back, I'd received an invitation from Dr Hema to attend Klinik Mediglow 2nd anniversary and to try out KISS Mineral Make up. My high school friend, Dayve who is a beauty blogger as well was the one who introduced me to Dr Hema, so thanks again Dayve ^.^

KISS Mineral Makeup 

Description :

KISS Mineral Makeup was founded in Australia in 1996. It's chemical free, dye free, fragrance free & preservative free. KISS Mineral Makeup is absolutely safe for all skin types. Our ingredients will not be absorbed by your skin but simply adhere to it, offering you a perfect coverage all day long with a peace of mind.

Klinik Mediglow 2nd anniversary was held on last saturday, Priscilla, the business director/chief trainer for Kiss Mineral Makeup gave me a very thorough explanation on their makeup brand while at the same time giving me a new makeover ^.^

KISS Mineral Premium Foundation provides a flawless finish. I can barely feel it on my skin as it feels really light. MF 13M is the shade that was used on my skin and it's priced at RM162.

The eyeshadows that were used for the demo were these earth toned colours eyeshadows, which gives a very natural looking makeup.

KISS Mineral Vegan Lipstick is priced at RM88. It's cruelty free with no animal ingredients & animal by-product, which makes it 100% vegan.

Tada! Natural looking makeup that's perfect for the daily look.

Thank you Priscilla, I really love the way you did my makeup ^.^

If you're interested in getting KISS Mineral Make up, it's available at Klinik Mediglow Dr Hema. For more info, you can also check out their :

Facebook Page : Kiss Mineral Makeup

Besides KISS Mineral Make up, AQ Skin Solutions products are also on display during the 2nd Anniversary Open Day.

Their Growth Factors products contains very specialised proteins which activate cellular proliferation and differentiation, repairing cellular damage. 

For more info on their products, do check out :

Congratulations again Dr Hema on Klinik Mediglow 2nd Anniversary and thank you to my dearest friend Irene for being my photographer for the day ^.^

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