Sunday, October 30, 2016

Nature Republic EXO Nature & Hand Cream (Honey)

0.8L (Point Eight Liter) is a type of global social commerce where you can experience the products you love before you buy them, from anywhere around the world. There's been tons of giveaway on facebook & instagram by 0.8L from different countries including Malaysia, which I'd recently won this limited edition Nature Republic EXO Nature & Hand Cream in Honey.

For those who are a big fan of EXO, seeing their favourite idol face on the packaging of a hand cream would probably made them want to purchase this. There's even signature on it, so this can be considered as collectables too since they're limited edition, lol.

This hand cream comes in a 30ml tube, it's mini size packaging makes it easy to fit inside my small handbag. It has a sturdy packaging, with a screw on lid, so this will not spill easily inside your bag.

Nature Republic EXO Nature & Hand Cream has a thick, creamy, buttery texture that works really well in keeping my skin soft and well moisturized. Though it might seem a little heavy & thick, it actually absorbs fast into my skin without leaving any filmy sticky feeling.

The first thing I'd noticed after trying this on is it's sweet honey scent! It smells sweet & powdery, not too overpowering at all. For those who are not too fond of heavy floral & fruity scent, this may just be the perfect hand cream for you!

This limited edition Nature Republic EXO Nature & Hand Cream are sold in a set box which comprises 6 different flavour of hand cream. If you're interested in this, do check out your nearest Nature Republic store or you can even get from online store ^.^

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