Monday, October 3, 2016

Primitive Bond Art Festival 2016

Another long overdue post, lol. Back in July, in conjunction with Primitive Bond Art Festival 2016, me & Irene had our 1st Fairytale Vintage Handmade Jewelries & Crafts booth in Suria Sabah Shopping Mall.  

Primitive Bond Art Festival is an annual event by Synergy Dance Studio since 2010. It was initiated by the vision of augmenting the growth of local professional arts industry and consequently enriching the social environment of the local community. It's also a platform for all the artist to share art not only by performance or exhibition, but also sharing the process of art-making and ideas with the public.

Since our booth was inspired by fairy tales, we decided to use white feathery cloth for our table to complement with our theme.

Here's a few pics of costumes and handmade jewelries that were displayed during the 4 days event.

Spring Fairy

Alice Liddell from Alice Madness Returns

Fairy Tale Inspired Handmade Jewelries & Crafts


I was sick the whole 4 days of the event, lol. So we didn't opened our booth till night. Coincidentally, someone that I haven't seen for almost 8 years was there for the event too. A friendly lady, Saija who used to stay at my place years ago. Her son was all grown up now, which made me feel kinda old since he was still a toddler the last I saw him, lolz. 

Here's a picture of her Sarawak Beads Jewelries booth during the event.

And here's Chau Xhien with some of her illustration works

Brick painting booth is a fund raising event to raise money for Bukit Harapan Therapy Community by Kian Kok Volleyball Team. This is probably the most enthusiastic booth of them all, since we could hear these kids chant 'Paint A Brick, Help A Kid'  all day long, besides giving a thunderous applause everytime someone donates for the cause, lol.

The 4 days event includes calligraphy workshop, flash mob dance, busking, coffee booth and many other activities. If you missed it out this year, check them out next time.    

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