Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Burger Bakar Borneo, Alam Mesra

The Burger Bakar Borneo located at Alam Mesra is a restaurant that serves grilled burgers besides serving a variety of Asian & Western cuisines.

We arrived at Alam Mesra around 8pm and immediately noticed how quiet it is during night time. It was a stark contrast to the hectic day we'd usually experienced.

The Burger Bakar Borneo has a really cozy vibe to it. I really love their retro, old school deco. It has an inviting, laid back ambience.

After browsing throught their extensive menu, we decided to order these...

Beef Burger Bakar with Cheesy Wedges & Fries

Their beef burger is simply delicious! It's super juicy & tender.

Watermelon for Dessert

Fried Rice with Sunny Side Up Egg & Cheesy Chicken Burger Bakar

I didn't know this  menu comes with a burger patty. I'd just randomly said chicken when the waiter ask me what's my choice of meat, lolz. Usually I'm not a fan of chicken burger as they taste a bit bland compared to beef burger, but this chicken patty did taste a little different. It's tender, flavourful & the cheesy mayo sauce makes it even better.

However I didn't love their fried rice. It taste a little bit bland to me.

Mango Juice & Kedondong Juice

Instead of ordering soda, we decided to try out these flavourful Mango Juice & Kedondong Juice, which turned out to be milkshakes instead of the usual blended juice. 

If you love hanging out in a restaurant with a cozy ambience or if you're a big burger fan, do check out The Burger Bakar Borneo at Alam Mesra !

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