Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Chubs Grill, Karamunsing Capital

It's been a while since I last visited The Chubs Grill at Karamunsing Capital. Last saturday, me & Irene decided to have our lunch there since we're both craving for some lamb chops. But unfortunately lamb chops are only available for booking 3 days prior our visit, lolz.

So instead of having lamb chops for lunch, we have these delicious porky dish instead.

Pork Meatball Pizza, with super crispy crust and extra load of cheese on top of it. The pork meatballs are really tender and there's a generous amount of toppings for the pizza.

The Chubs Grill's Grilled Pork Belly is super delicious! It's super juicy and tender and has a mouth watering aroma. Yummy!

Iced Blended Mango Juice. Tasty & refreshing!

Sour Plum Juice. The usual taste of Kit Chai Ping, a wonderful thirst quencher! lol

Overall this is a great restaurant to visit if you love western style cuisine and a pork lover!

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