Saturday, November 5, 2016

BCL AHA Cleansing Research

BCL which stands for Beauty Creative Lab is a cosmetic and skincare brand from Japan. They're widely known for their mascaras and eyeliners, which are really great for creating natural everyday makeup. Aside from makeup, BCL also has their own cleansing line. A few months back, I received these lovely gifts from BCL, which I'd won from one of their facebook giveaways. 

BCL Cleansing Research Cleaning Water Oil Free

This 400 ml bottle is huge, it's definitely a bargain since this will definitely last for a while. The first thing I noticed after pouring it on my cotton pad is the delicious apple scent! A few years back, I have a huge obsession with apple scent and used to buy any beauty products that smells a lot like apple. This really does brings back old memories, lol.

I love makeup remover that's watery instead of oily. Even though BCL Cleansing Research Cleaning Water is an oil free makeup remover, it still managed to rid off my waterproof mascara and eyeliner. It's gentle on skin and I didn't experience any dryness at all after using it.

BCL AHA Cleansing Research Wash Cleansing

This foam wash has the same apple scent as BCL Cleansing Research Cleaning Water Oil Free. It contains fruity acid which removed clogged pores and impurities from our skin.

I love foaming wash that really deep cleanses my skin. Not only does this product made my skin squeaky clean, it also made it soft and smooth, thanks to the microbeads that works as a gentle exfoliant. For those who are in need of a good gentle exfoliating cleanser for getting rid of clogged pores, do try this as it works gently on skin. 

Overall, I love these BCL AHA Cleansing Research products as they keeps my skin free from any major  break outs. Plus I love the apple scent too!

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