Sunday, November 6, 2016

UMS Aquarium & Marine Museum

UMS Aquarium & Marine Museum is located inside the campus of Universiti Malaysia Sabah, within the Borneo Marine Research Institute Complex. The entry fee is RM10 for adult & RM5 for children. We noticed there's a lot of tourist at the time we visited, it's definitely a tourist attraction now in comparison to the time we visited here a few years back, where the visitors were mostly students.

One of the main attraction is this skeleton of Cuvier’s Beaked Whale, which was found dead at the beaches of Mimpian Jadi, Tuaran on 1997.

I love seashells, so this humoungous Trumpet Triton definitely caught my eyes.

A super adorable Chocolate Chip Starfish. Just look at that pose!

This Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobster really love to pose for the camera. It keeps following our camera lens. Lolz

Beautiful fluorescent coral.

There's playful turtles swimming through the aquarium, too bad we didn't get to take some decent shots of them.

Look at that Giant Grouper. We're pretty sure it's the same Giant Grouper that we'd seen a few years ago.

Tachypleus gigas or Horseshoe Crab

And here's a live one. Horseshoe Crab terrifies me, this looks like it's about to stab me with it's sharp tail, lol.

Fish tank filled with Regal Blue Tang

There's even a photo taking booth for taking some funny looking pictures. Perfect for kids like us, lolz.

If you're thinking of doing a weekend trip that's both educational and fun, do drop by UMS Aquarium & Marine Museum !

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