Thursday, January 5, 2017

Nightmare Before Christmas & The Corpse Bride

It's 2017! Happy New Year and I still haven't post pictures from our Halloween photo shoot from last year. So here's some of the pictures with me cosplaying as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas & Irene as Emily from The Corpse Bride.

Both of us are big fans of Tim Burton and we had a super fun time painting ourselves blue for these 2 characters.  The whole face and body painting took us over 2 hours to finish. But we didn't managed to paint ourselves meticulously since we both ran out of time that day, we even end up rubbing ourselves in blue paint to speed up the process, just like rubbing our favourite lotion, lolz.

It's super obvious I didn't managed to cover my neck thoroughly with the blue paint, I even forgot to draw the stitches on my neck, oh well....

Sally is my favourite character out of all the characters from Tim Burton movies. I'd watched this movies for countless time and it's one of my favourite halloween/christmas movies. This dress that I wore was made by Irene, she hand painted the details on the dress and it looks a lot like Sally's dress in the movie. It also fits me like a glove, which is a miracle since I'd gain some weight since the last time she took my measurements.Hahaha too much KFC for me.

Irene's wedding dress was borrowed from my mom's old collection. I think we gave her quite the scare when we came out looking blue, not exactly the look she's hoping to see, lol.

Emily from Corpse Bride is the tragic heroine that meets her untimely death after the subject of her affection killed her. A tragic story needs a sad looking Irene pretending to play the piano, or in this case, a keyboard....

This looks a lot like a wedding pic between a bride and a her bridesmaid. Or in this case, a living corpse bride and a humanoid ragdoll bridesmaid, I think we'd given my mom nightmares after seeing us with blue skin, but I think we look so much better in blue, haha.

*The blue face & body paint that we used is this little tube from Craft Haven, we only used half of it as the colour is very pigmented. We should have add some white into it, but we didn't & that's the reason why we ended up looking like Avatar, lol, but the colour was edited in these pictures, so we ended up looking much lighter.

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