Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ellus Trick-Eye Museum - 1Borneo

Ellus Trick-Eye Museum which is located on the 2nd Floor of 1Borneo Hypermall is the biggest trick-eye museum in Borneo. To be frank, I didn't know it's existence until a few weeks back, even though it's been here for a while. The entry ticket is RM20 for adult and RM10 for children.

Since it was a weekday, we're the only 2 guest at the museum, so we were free to roam around and do some ridiculous pose, since no one was there to watch us, lolz.

In order for the pics to appear realistic, the photographer needs to be at a specific area to take to the pictures, or else it won't look 'Real'. And remember to turn off the flash too. Well, since I'm such a bad actress, this pic appears fake anyway no matter which angle it's taken, hahahaha.

This angel pose doesn't work well with me since I'm a midget, lol but it looks perfect on Irene.


And here's some of the crazy pics we took that day .....

If this is starting to look like a bad horror movie, fear not as there's also some cute looking backdrops at Ellus Trick-Eye Museum for the  faint at heart romantic person, lolz.

There's even a magic carpet here, which has a really beautiful backdrop of Aladdin's castle.

Overall we spent over 1 hour here taking pictures, which was super fun and enjoyable. So if you're running out of ideas on places to visit during the weekend, do drop by here and experience it for yourself ^.^

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