Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Olympéa by Paco Rabanne

Olympéa is a feminine perfume by Paco Rabanne. The concept comes from the idea of modern Greek Goddess. It brings to the fore tales of conquests, dynamism, and strength. As a Greek Mythology buff, I simply have to get a whiff of this scent.

  1. Top Notes
    • Green Mandarin, Water Jasmine, Ginger Flower
  2. Heart Notes
  3. Salt, Vanilla
  4. Base notes
    • Ambergris, Cashmere Wood, Sandalwood

On my skin, I get hints of citrusy notes from the green mandarin and ginger flower, it then starts to mellow into a delicious blend of salty vanilla and jasmine. Olympéa is a floriental scent that's perfect for day and night. It doesn't feel too overwhelming on a hot day nor it is too light for night time. This scent has a beachy vibe to it due to the salty notes, it also keeps the vanilla scent from being too sweet. 

A long lasting scent with medium sillage. It's intimate, feminine and elegant, a creamy floriental scent that's perfect for a modern Greek Goddess. If you love vanilla and jasmine, do add this to your collection. Another plus?  The bottle design is gorgeous too!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Where's Alice ~ Alice In Wonderland Theme Cafe

There's a new cafe in town and it's an Alice In Wonderland Theme Cafe. Where's Alice is located at Kompleks BSA, Jln Kolombong. It shares the same shop row as Pet Paradise Kota Kinabalu.

Upon entering, there's a narrow hallway that resembles the tunnel that leads you straight to wonderland.

Everything in this cafe is made to look like something out of the world of Alice In Wonderland, including their menu. There's even a classic looking silver hand bell for customers to use when they're ready to order. But of course, we forgot to use it and end up doing some awkward hand waves to catch the owner attention, lol.

The whole deco in the cafe are uniquely creative. These beautiful Alice In Wonderland mosaic designs are hand painted by the owner herself. They're very eye catching and perfect for pictures.

My adorable model of the day, Cayla is in the mood for taking pictures that day. Here she is with a peace sign ^.^

Here's Irene posing with a painting replica of herself, lol.

Where's Alice cafe has a really cozy vibe, perfect for tea breaks during those lazy afternoons. Gazing up their ceiling, one would find light blue murals that mimic the clouds 😍

Ready for a tea party?

Drink Me ~ Fizzy drinks in fancy colours

Cake Of The Day ~ Chocolate Mousse Cake

I love chocolate cake and luckily on that day they were serving chocolate mousse cake as their cake of the day. It's creamy and has the perfect blend of sweetness, though the texture is a little dry.

Queen's Spagetti

Alice's Breakfast
They might have forgotten to include the toast, which are missing from this set. lol.

I forgot the fancy name for this menu. lol. It's shredded pork stew which Cayla really likes. 

A DIY wedding theme miniature with build in lamps. This is really pretty, reminds me a lot of Alice In Wonderland's White Queen.

Pictures time!

So many butterflies 😍

Their beautiful interior also extend to their toilet. It's painted in shades of blue with stars and constellation adorning the toilet ceiling and walls 😍

If you're looking for a cafe with a different vibe, do come and visit Where's Alice for an otherworldly experience. 

Opening Hours : 9 A.M ~ 6 P.M

Address : 
Lot 21, Ground Floor Block C,
Lorong BSA, Kompleks BSA,
Jln Kolombong, Inanam

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

L de Lolita Lempicka

L de Lolita Lempicka was launched in 2006 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Maurice Roucel. The bottle was designed by Sylvie de France.

From the perfume ad and the aquamarine, pebble heart shaped bottle with the golden net, this perfume reminds me a lot of the deep blue ocean and mermaids. Even though I have an affinity for mermaids, I'm not too fond of aquatic scent, which is why I steer clear from this perfume for years, thinking it as another harsh clean scent. 

The only reason why I got this is because of the bottle, it's been discontinued for years and I wanted to get this before it's gone. So imagine my surprise when I first tried it on. Instead of being bombarded with screechy and sharp aquatic scent, I was left with a delicious oriental vanilla scent that conjures images of Christmas baking. I immediately regret not getting a full bottle of this years before it's been discontinued, lol.

  1. Top Notes
    • Bitter orange,
    • Bergamot
  2. Heart Notes
    • Immortal flower,
    •  Cinnamon, Musk
  3. Base notes
      Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Sandalwood

L de Lolita Lempicka opens up with a mixture of citrusy and spicy blends of bitter orange and bergamot. As the top notes slowly dissipates, cinnamon dominates the whole scent, it then slowly dries down to vanilla and sandalwood. A reminiscent of Christmas, where the scent of cinnamon rolls and gingerbread filled the air.

One of the ingredients on the heart notes for L is 
Immortal flower, or Everlasting flower, a domestic herb that grows on the rocky pastures of the Mediterranean coast, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This is probably where Lolita Lempicka get their mermaid inspiration. Apparently Immortal flower smells a lot like Maple syrup, burnt sugar and honey with a hint of smokey wood. One of the things I love about L and the original Lolita Lempicka are their woody, smokey drydown.

My miniature bottle of L de Lolita Lempicka actually came with a set of lotion and shower gel.The matching lotion and shower gel have the same exact scent with the perfume, they actually make the scent last longer during the day. I would say that this is a must try. Do try it before it's gone forever!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Otafuse 2017 - Day 2

For Otafuse Day 2, we were really lazy to take pictures of ourselves, lol. So instead, let's admire some of these creative cosplayers that my brother managed to take pictures of during the event...

Gundam Pepakura 

I love everything about galaxies and night sky, so these dreamy and magical gems really caught my eyes😍 Constellation girl from @ahohime and Hollow Galaxie Nyan Charm from @wasabie_dailydreamer 
Do follow these 2 talented artist for their latest updates 💕

And that's it for Day 2 ✨

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Otafuse 2017 - Day 1

Since I'm a little obsessed with fairy tales & Irene is keen on sharpening her skill as a major villain, so for this year's Otafuse, we're cosplaying Snow White & The Evil Queen. But before that, we decided to visit our dearest friend & little Cayla.

Unfortunately, our cosplay getup didn't seem to get the approval from Cayla since she seems a little scared and uptight after seeing us, she didn't even give us her usual hug, so sad 😭 To avoid traumatizing her any further,  we left early for the event, lol.

Here are some of the pics that we managed to get before leaving out for lunch. 

My Snow White dress was designed and sewn by Irene, it's very comfortable and light weight, even though there's many layers on it. I actually gained a lot of weight, lol how did that happen, but Irene's really good at measuring and altering so this ends up fitting me like a glove.

The Evil Queen must endure a heavy cape, a thick head gear and a majestic crown that doesn't want to sit still on her head, which explains the serious expression 😠

Then off we go to Cafe De Vie, Metro Town for our lunch. This is my current favourite cafe because not only did their crepe cake taste great, but everything on their menu that I'd tried so far tasted really good. Their staffs are friendly too which is always a plus.

Here's what we have for lunch,

Butter Prawn Spagetti

Cafe De Vie Special Fried Rice


So that's it for day 1........