Thursday, September 7, 2017

Otafuse 2017 - Day 1

Since I'm a little obsessed with fairy tales & Irene is keen on sharpening her skill as a major villain, so for this year's Otafuse, we're cosplaying Snow White & The Evil Queen. But before that, we decided to visit our dearest friend & little Cayla.

Unfortunately, our cosplay getup didn't seem to get the approval from Cayla since she seems a little scared and uptight after seeing us, she didn't even give us her usual hug, so sad 😭 To avoid traumatizing her any further,  we left early for the event, lol.

Here are some of the pics that we managed to get before leaving out for lunch. 

My Snow White dress was designed and sewn by Irene, it's very comfortable and light weight, even though there's many layers on it. I actually gained a lot of weight, lol how did that happen, but Irene's really good at measuring and altering so this ends up fitting me like a glove.

The Evil Queen must endure a heavy cape, a thick head gear and a majestic crown that doesn't want to sit still on her head, which explains the serious expression 😠

Then off we go to Cafe De Vie, Metro Town for our lunch. This is my current favourite cafe because not only did their crepe cake taste great, but everything on their menu that I'd tried so far tasted really good. Their staffs are friendly too which is always a plus.

Here's what we have for lunch,

Butter Prawn Spagetti

Cafe De Vie Special Fried Rice


So that's it for day 1........

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