Saturday, September 23, 2017

Where's Alice ~ Alice In Wonderland Theme Cafe

There's a new cafe in town and it's an Alice In Wonderland Theme Cafe. Where's Alice is located at Kompleks BSA, Jln Kolombong. It shares the same shop row as Pet Paradise Kota Kinabalu.

Upon entering, there's a narrow hallway that resembles the tunnel that leads you straight to wonderland.

Everything in this cafe is made to look like something out of the world of Alice In Wonderland, including their menu. There's even a classic looking silver hand bell for customers to use when they're ready to order. But of course, we forgot to use it and end up doing some awkward hand waves to catch the owner attention, lol.

The whole deco in the cafe are uniquely creative. These beautiful Alice In Wonderland mosaic designs are hand painted by the owner herself. They're very eye catching and perfect for pictures.

My adorable model of the day, Cayla is in the mood for taking pictures that day. Here she is with a peace sign ^.^

Here's Irene posing with a painting replica of herself, lol.

Where's Alice cafe has a really cozy vibe, perfect for tea breaks during those lazy afternoons. Gazing up their ceiling, one would find light blue murals that mimic the clouds 😍

Ready for a tea party?

Drink Me ~ Fizzy drinks in fancy colours

Cake Of The Day ~ Chocolate Mousse Cake

I love chocolate cake and luckily on that day they were serving chocolate mousse cake as their cake of the day. It's creamy and has the perfect blend of sweetness, though the texture is a little dry.

Queen's Spagetti

Alice's Breakfast
They might have forgotten to include the toast, which are missing from this set. lol.

I forgot the fancy name for this menu. lol. It's shredded pork stew which Cayla really likes. 

A DIY wedding theme miniature with build in lamps. This is really pretty, reminds me a lot of Alice In Wonderland's White Queen.

Pictures time!

So many butterflies 😍

Their beautiful interior also extend to their toilet. It's painted in shades of blue with stars and constellation adorning the toilet ceiling and walls 😍

If you're looking for a cafe with a different vibe, do come and visit Where's Alice for an otherworldly experience. 

Opening Hours : 9 A.M ~ 6 P.M

Address : 
Lot 21, Ground Floor Block C,
Lorong BSA, Kompleks BSA,
Jln Kolombong, Inanam

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