Monday, December 4, 2017

Jesselton Artisan Market - Christmas Edition

Jesselton Artisan Market is a local art market that features unique handmade items from creative artisans. The Christmas edition of Jesselton Artisan Market was held on the 2nd and 3th December. This time it features a whole lot of Christmas theme decor and art installations. I even found my fellow fairy friends at the middle of Jesselton Artisan Market 😍

I love bugs, so The Little Silly Shop caught my eyes from faaaaar away. Besides insect taxidermy, this booth also features cutesy mini pinecones Christmas trees.

Another booth that caught my eyes is the Pink Dinosoar. The mini unicorn & the pink Brontosaurus are so adorable 😍

And here's some of their other items. Their mini clay succulent pendants are pretty unique too.

This funny looking plant holder is perfect for those who love quirky decor.

Mini Christmas Town by The Urbanist x The Lab. This is really impressive, I love the precision of the design and the vintage looking train, it definitely adds a classic feel to it.

The Blackpuppeteer features wearable illustration based accessories, from earrings to bracelets, perfect for those with a kooky style.

Someone's been craving for Mango Sticky Rice for a long long time. lol. Imagine our surprise when we saw this much loved thai dessert being served by a local food truck, Gelato Lab. 

But sadly since I haven't fully recovered from my long suffering cough, uhuk uhuk.... I decided to skip this dessert 😔

Apparently it taste a lot like the authentic Thai Mango Sticky Rice. This gets a nod of approval from our food tester of the day, Miss Irene.

Lots and lots of impressive art works 

Previously, I'd bought an art print called Emersed from Chauxhien which I really love. It's the one in the middle of this picture, the one with a semi submerged head with peeking eyes. lol. This time I bought a pretty butterfly art print from her.

3D Dreamer Productions features 3D Paper Cut Light Box with whimsical designs from Peter Pan, Alice In Wonderland, How To Train Your Dragon and many more.

Our journey ends with this picture, a mountain of christmas presents that's all stacked up, mimicking a christmas tree. And that pretty much sums up our experience at the Christmas Edition of Jesselton Artisan Market.

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