Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park

Last Sunday, we went for a surprise visit to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park while attending my best friend's wedding reception at J Borneo Native Village, it was supposed to be a short trip but we ended up spending a few hours there, lol.

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is managed by Sabah Wildlife Department under the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Environment. My last visit here was 2011, which was a long long time ago. Some of the areas here were closed now as they're doing major renovations on the animals enclosures. The entrance fee is RM10 for Malaysians and RM15 for non-Malaysians.

It was cloudy that day, the perfect weather for lazing around, according to this sleepy looking orang Utan.

The big guy up there wasn't too keen on seeing all the visitors. But we did get a friendly smile from the sleepy looking Orang Utan. lolz.

The proboscis monkey is a funny looking monkey. These guys were so into their food they don't even bother looking at us. My spirit animal. Lmao.

Om Nom Nom

The endangered species of Borneo pygmy elephants can be found here. Some of the animals here in Lok Kawi Wildlife Park are rescued during illegal poaching in the wild and some are seized from private owners.

Obot, the Sun Bear that went into alert mode after we called his name. lol.

Beautiful Hornbill

A group of deer resting under a tree.

These kids were so enthusiastic in feeding these deers, since it's the only time we're allowed to feed the animal here.

Om Nom Nom

A sad looking pony who came out of this pitiful looking shed to greet us. I'm super hoping they'll re-paint the whole shed, give it a new home makeover because this is no home for a pony. A few pats on the head and a goodbye wave and off we go, leaving the pony all alone again 😔

The friendly Macaw

A rescued Binturong also known as Bearcat performed a few tricks of it's own.

Here he is showing off his acrobatic skills.

Amber the python, everyone was keen to pet him. The guy who handles the show was the same guy who managed the show in 2011, he didn't seem to look any older. This goes to show that people who enjoy doing their job will look much younger than others 😂

There's a Botanical Garden which is managed by the Sabah Forestry Department. But we ran out of time so I didn't get to explore my favourite plants and bugs. Overall it was a fun filled journey and children would definitely enjoy their time here.

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