Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sally From The Nightmare Before Christmas

Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas has always been my favourite out of all the other Disney characters. A humanoid rag doll created by Dr. Finkelstein, stitched together with dead leaves as stuffing, she is unlike any other Disney heroines, which I loveeeee.

Sally's figurine is quite rare here but I did managed to get this a long long time ago.

For Last year's Halloween, we dressed up as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Emily from The Corpse Bride. But this year, Irene was super busy and there's a clash in her schedule, so I'm all alone doing face painting this time and all alone in my quest of scaring people off, lol. 

Previously, I didn't get the correct shade for Sally's skin, which end up having my brother complaining the whole time how much time it took to edit them to the correct shade 😂. This time, I managed to get the correct shade by combining blue, green and white body paint. I even managed to blend with the turquoise colour of my bedroom wall, lmao.

It took me over 3 hours to paint my whole face and arms. Last year I forgot to draw some of the stitches for Sally, this time I drew all the lines for the stitches slowly and meticulously. Thankfully I managed to squeeze into my Sally dress after accidentally loosing a few pounds due to me being sick again, lol. My Sally dress is made by Irene, who hand painted, hand sew all the design and stitches on the dress.

Face painting and body painting are super fun though they're very time consuming. I still haven't mastered the art for a sweat proof/smudge proof look, so after the photoshoot, I end up leaving prints of my turquoise shade hand and body paints all over the furnitures on my room 😅 Well there's still room for improvement, until next time!

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