Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Eternity Intense By Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein, famous for it's seductive minimalism style has released Eternity Intense in 2016 which is a flanker to their iconic scent, Eternity. The new fragrance is made with a touch of sensual iris flower.

  1. Top Notes
    • Water Note,
    • Bergamot, Orris
    1. Heart Notes
      • Iris, Osmanthus, Rose
    2. Base Notes
      • Vanilla,
      • Sandalwood, Musk

      • Eternity Intense opens up with a blast of sharp, citrusy scent due to it's aquatic notes. The opening was a little too clean smelling for my taste. But then the floral heart notes of iris and rose starts creeping out and mellows down the harsh opening. 

        The scent stays intense throughout the day. But once it mellows down, it'll leave you with a lingering scent of comforting warm vanilla and sandalwood. It's a non linear scent that changes drastically from one different skin to another, which is why you should never blind bought this without first testing on your skin.

        The warm vanilla dry down of this scent lingers especially on clothes but the transition from top notes to base notes seems a little too long for me. The upside is this is a long lasting scent with a good sillage, perfect for those who love it and a dizzying experience for those who's not so into it. 

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