Tuesday, March 6, 2018

a;t fox Gyoolpy Tea Gel Cream

a;t fox which stands for afternoon tea+fox is actually a beauty cosmetics cafe located in Hondae, Seoul. This is a unique cafe where not only do you get your favourite teas and desserts, but skincare and makeup products as well.

a;t fox Gyoolpy Tea Gel Cream is one of their well known product, made with high concentration of Vitamin-C from Gyoolpy Tea, it deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin, leaving a refreshing, lasting glow on your skin. Also, being a gel-type cream, it spreads and penetrates into the skin smoothly and without curdling, and at the same time creates a thin, moisture layer over your skin to prevent dehydration

Scent wise, it has a citrusy tea-like scent, which is quite mild. A gel type cream that melts easily on skin, it keeps skin well hydrated throughout the day without adding any shine nor sticky-ness. Due to it's watery thin texture, it's perfect for those with oily and combination skin as it doesn't feel heavy nor oily at all. But for those with super dry skin, this won't works as well as it's not a heavy duty moisturizer where it gives intense hydration to skin. 

Overall it's a great product that keep skin soft and supple, perfect for those with normal/oily or combination skin, for me the packaging alone is a good reason to try this. Another plus? It doesn't cause any irritation on my sensitive skin.

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