Wednesday, August 22, 2018

KJU Perfumed By Lux

KJU Perfumed By Lux is the new, Korean-inspired premium brand by fine fragrance and beauty expert, Lux. This new collection features three exclusive Jeju-inspired perfumes, each encased in specially designed, new-look packaging. The collection includes a hair and body mist and a shower gel with perfume balm.


My set-me-free scent is created by a LUX French perfume expert. It is inspired by the perfect union of crisp, pristine Water Accord, refreshing cool JEJU Green Tea and enchanting Bergamot. It naturally elevates your senses to a new level and reveals a new you.

I love the 2 in 1 design packaging of the perfume balm and shower gel. There's a detachable perfume balm that lies on top of the shower gel. After unscrewing the perfume balm, the pump dispenser is then inserted for the shower gel. 

For those who are into green tea scent, this is a great choice for you as it has a refreshing, citrusy scent of green tea that will instantly lifts you up. Perfect as a 'wake me shower' during sleepy mornings . It's thick, gel like consistency strips away dirt without making your skin dry, making your skin feeling soft instead. The green tea scent is subtle and lingers only for a while. 

The perfume balm is a solid perfume that has the longest staying power out of the 3 products. Heat activates perfume, which is why the best location to dab them is on your pulse points, which is on your wrist, behind your elbow, behind your ear or at the bottom of your throat.

Perfume Notes 

Top Notes : Bergamot
Middle Notes : Green Tea
Base Notes : Musk

This whole range of Missy Breezy reminds me a lot of Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden. I used to wear that a lot during my uni days. There's similarities in the way they smell both light and refreshing, perfect for wear during hot and humid days. If you're looking for a budget version of Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden, this would make a quite good choice. The body mist has the same citrusy, green tea scent that smells refreshing though the scent doesn't last too long, which is why it's better suited to use along with the perfume balm.

The talented fashion illustrator, Jae Suk Kim, famous for his whimsical and quirky Susu Girls illustration has created the different looks that matches the personalities of  the 3 variants of KJu Perfumed by Lux.

Besides Missy Breezy, KJU Perfumed By Lux are also available in Chic Violet (Inspired by Jeju Camelia) and Romantic Rosy (Inspired by Jeju Rose of Sharon). If you're interested in trying this out, these can be purchased from any Guardian store, both online and offline.

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