Sunday, September 2, 2018

Lazada 9.9 Festival Sale

Hello September..
My favourite month of the year, as my birthday falls on the month of September, the perfect time for me to indulge myself with a shopping spree 😉

Lucky me Lazada 9.9 Festival Sale is happening soon, from 6-9 Sep 2018. There'll be discounts and great offers on various items. With more than 100 brands and 1000 vouchers, you'll definitely don't want to miss out on this sales. So now would be the perfect time to start listing all the items that you need. 

My favourite perfume brand has always been Lolita Lempicka, which are not easily available here. Their first perfume Lolita Lempicka is my favourite and therefore it is the 1st item on my wish list. It's sweet yes mysterious, with an earthy and smokey undertone that blends with your own scent, making it your own signature scent. This perfume is sold by Cosme-de-com, which offers a lot of choices from premium and designer skincare and beauty brands.

I rarely takes selfie shots but that's about to change when I get my hands on this Xiaomi Redmi S2. Apparently it's great for taking picture, specifically selfies. For an affordable price, it's definitely a good choice for upping your selfie game. This is a product listed under Lazmall. The best thing about Lazmall is their products are 100% Authentic and you'll get 2 times your money back if you receive a non-authentic product from LazMall. There's also 15 days easy returns for LazMall products. So shop away with no worries !

Lastly, the 3rd item  that I'm interested in is Khind 52Liters Electric Oven OT5205.  Most of the time, I love roasting chicken rather than deep frying them, which is why I have my eyes on this Khind 52Liters Electric Oven OT5205. It has a Rotisserie function which will ensure I get delicious, tender, evenly cooked chicken that's definitely juicier. Om nom nom 💕

So are you ready for the coming Lazada 9.9 Festival Sale? Brace yourself for the coming sale and shop away 

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