Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Woo! Cafe

There is a street named Jalan Dewan, famously known as Australia Place, which used to be a camping site for Australian troops during World War 2. A historical place known for it's vintage print shops, Australia Place is also famous among tourist and backpackers, as there's a lot of backpackers lodges around here.  Walking along this street, you'll definitely find lots of interesting looking cafes. Woo! Cafe is one the many cafes around here, the cafe that caught my friends attention due to it's minimalist white decor, so they decided it's the perfect place for my birthday lunch 😘

One of my biggest pet peeve when visiting cafes is getting a less than warm welcome from the cafe attendants, which unfortunately happens a lot, lol. We were unaware that all orders must be made at the counter, so when one of their attendant stopped by our table, we were rudely shrugged off and told to head over to the counter, without a second glance and definitely without a smile, lmao. Well, that was harsh 😂

Luckily the staff that took our order was nice and polite. It was on a Sunday morning and the whole place was packed, so our food only arrived after 20-30 minutes, which was to be expected. I randomly choose this pan seared chicken thighs out of all the menu, which was quite lucky for me as I love this a lot. The whole presentation is amazing and the meat is juicy and tender.

Mazel decided to have their signature dish, Woo's breakfast for her and Cayla. Unfortunately this taste a little bland. 

Mazel with her Woo's breakfast 💕

Irene the pasta and salmon lover decided to have this Unagi Sauce Salmon Pasta. This taste really good, it has a slightly sweet and salty taste to it due to the Unagi sauce. 

Irene with her iced matcha tea 😋

Overall I love the decor and ambience of the cafe. The food was nice too. Unfortunately I'm not too fond of the less than friendly service, which unfortunately had to happen during the day I celebrate my early birthday with friends 😂

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