About Me

Hello Stranger.

This is a blog written under a pseudonym, Lunabellarina. I live in a small quaint town in Sabah, located on the northern part of Borneo Island, Malaysia.

Ever since I was little, I tend to remember each stages of my life by scents. December nights are always filled with the scent of blooming wildflowers from the woods behind my home. Freshly cut grass reminds me of those days where I love to look for bugs hideouts, the dusty smell of old books reminds me a lot of my grandfather, who loved to read for me everytime I went for a visit, the overtly floral perfume that my mother seems to love and my favourite, petrichor, the earthy scent of rain as it hits the ground. As time goes by, I started to collect perfumes that bring forth these nostalgic memories. 

Jewelry making is another passion for me. Whimsical design with a vintage vibe which leans heavily towards fairy-tale like, Gothic & romanticism style is the overall style for my handmade collection. Swirls & Splashes is my homage to all things magical, enchanting and ethereal.

In this blog, you'll find bits and pieces of my life & every little thing that sparks my interest. Hope you'll enjoy your stay here 🌌