About Me

Hello Stranger.

This is a blog written under a pseudonym, Lunabellarina, but you can call me Luna. I live in a small quaint town in Sabah, Malaysia.

Ever since I was little, I tend to remember each stages of my life by scent. Certain scents evokes fun memories. The clean 90s scent reminds me of my school days, 80s musky scent reminds me of my flamboyant uncle, who would bring me tons of candies during christmas. The overtly heavy floral perfume that my mom loves to wear and my favourite, petrichor, the earthy scent of rain as it hits the ground. As time goes by, I started to collect perfumes that bring forth these nostalgic memories.

Jewelry making is another passion for me. Whimsical design with a vintage vibe which leans heavily towards fairy-tale like, Gothic & romanticism style is the overall style for my handmade collection. Swirls & Splashes is therefore my homage to all things magical, enchanting and ethereal.

In this blog, you'll find bits and pieces of my life & every little thing that sparks my interest. Hope you'll enjoy your stay here!